i feel great!

I just had my best run since I started again about 2 weeks ago, 7.58 miles in 59 minutes 20 seconds. I didn't stop or even feel like I had to stop and when I finished I felt I still had some left in the tank to keep going but I'll save that for next week.

A couple of reasons I'm so happy with this is that my longest run in the past 2 weeks has been 4.6 miles and thought today was going to work out about 6 mile so was over the moon when I checked how far it was when I finished. Another reason is the only other exercise I've done this year is insanity (just away to start week 4 on Monday).

I have the Dundee half marathon 12 weeks tomorrow and this has given me a real confidence boost. I just have to stay focused and remember that I'll have bad days as well as good days in the coming weeks.


  • When you say started again, do you mean started from scratch? Or an injury lay off? Either way that's some impressive speed to be blasting out already!

  • I was running about a year ago but was only doing about 5 miles 3 to 4 times a week then stopped for no reason that I can remember. I won't be stopping this time though as I'm more focused on my health and fitness than I've ever been. Only downside is I still smoke (about 7 a day) so I think once I finally stop I'll be where I want to be in terms of health and fitness.

  • Nothing beats the feeling of a personal best. I had one this week too. 

    Keep up the good work image 

  • Just remember how awesome you felt at the end of that run and keep it in your mind when you have one of those awful runs where you seem to lose all fitness and form (or is it only me that gets those?)

  • I'm also in for the Dundee half DRAM, well done managing both running and insanity that's commitment.

    After months of research I decided on Walk Jog Run training to heart rate so you'll probably be home with a cup of tea before I reach the finish line.

  • Good to see someone else doing the half DRAM puggled. Came down with the flu on Friday so just done a 30 min run at an easy pace today. My wife thinks it because I'm pushing myself too hard so might just do 1 insanity a week and focus on running.

    Can't wait to do my first half, I'll just be happy to finish! Do you know if they send your number out or do you pick it up on the day?


  • Your wife could be right, sorry I've no idea how we get the numbers but I expect we will hear nearer to the time.

    There are over 400 entries now it's shaping up to be a good day.

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