"in order to remain sane you have to act a bit crazy"

In honour of rhb, this thread was humbly started. so do you agree or disagree with the above statement.
I certainly agree,the world is a hard place to live in as it is.


  • agree

    im crazy
  • I'm starkers
  • BB, What? You mean you're naked so you must be crazy?
  • Thanks Pammie. :o)

    I agree. What more can I say?

  • agree, all the great people tend to be a little crazy.
  • Those who claim to be mad generally aren't. Those who say nothing generally are!

    As for me, only the plot of my thesis keeps me going.
  • Anyone who says they're sane are obviously crazy. How do you define sane?

  • sane [seın]
    1 sound in mind; free from mental disturbance

    2 having or showing reason, good judgment, or sound sense

    [ETYMOLOGY: 17th Century: from Latin sanus healthy]
    'sanely adverb(ial)
    'saneness noun

  • Wouldn't that be barking?
  • People think i'm mad just running 20 miles a week, what would they think of me if i decided to run a marathon... the mind boggles.
  • I was at the dentist today and saw staff I last saw in March. They asked how the (FL) Marathon had gone... I smiled and told them. They said that I must be crazy.

    What is more crazy is that I am in the ballot for this year...
  • Quite so.
    I am completely sane, I thought everyone knew that.
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