Cannock Chase Parkrun?

I daren't email Parkrun because I don't have space in my life to try and set up something until I have got rid of Beavers in September, but I just think Cannock Chase would be the perfect place to have one.  Up at Marquis Drive there are loads of fairly flat wide tracks, toilets, cafe, kids play area, parking, wildlife...

Telford is great but I feel guilty about driving that far!  Is anyone else from round here? 


  • my OH lives just off Cannock Chase but as I live in Brum we go to Cannon Hill every week. However, Walsall's another good one that we go to occasionally and is much nearer to Cannock than Telford - flat and fast image

    (we're parkrun addicts)

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    Mad4 - you could mail parkrun to say that if someone else had shown an interest in setting up Cannock chase that you would like to give moral support or be a volunteer once it's started- there might already be someone who is working on it and would appreciate someone local to bounce ideas off, you might be the catalyst that someone else needs to get going.

    If you mail, they won't just push you into being the leader, you can say No!

    I've just helped set up a new parkrun, I'd never have done it on my own, but with a team it was fine.

  • Hi guys

    As mad4morris has stated above, Cannock chase would be the perfect location for a parkrun! I am originally from the area and spent many days up the chase as a kid, however I am now based in Cambs and regularly participate in the Huntingdon event but I'm always looking for new ones!  Are any of you guys members of  running clubs at all? I can  speak to a few friends in the area who may be able to offer a hand if this does gain some momentum, keep me posted though as I would love to help make this happen!



  • I have emailed Parkrun about this now and got sent a list of "things to read if you are thinking of setting up a Parkrun".  I would really like to make contact with others who are interested, I mentioned this to Parkrun but they just sent the standard info.  From my experience with Beavers if I step up to the line I will let it take over my life and I don't want it to take over my life.  I am quite happy to go most weeks, and quite happy to volunteer more often than running and put some time into setting up a route etc, and even have a teenage son who has started volunteering as part of his Duke of Edinburgh, but I want to do it as part of a team and I don't know anyone.

    Ha ha, apart from encountering at least four other people running round the village this morning, maybe I should ask them, but they might not be very happy having their morning run disturbed!

    The Telford run director, bless him, quite put me off saying what a huge commitment it was at first but now he had a team he could take a week off now and again if he really wanted to!  

  • interested so see a CCPR include the switchbacks into the course. 

  • Yes! This! My folks live a mile from Milford end and I love running on the "Chase". Very surprised Stafford hasn't got one yet.

  • we're quite spoilt in the Birmingham area as there's...I know some people who have to drive 10 miles + for their closest.

    We have - Cannon Hill, Brueton, Conkers, Kingsbury, Walsall, Coventry and Wolves aren't too far away either

    Cannock chase would be a nice run, but I can't imagine the forestry commission would be too keen.

  • Odd that Parkrun hasn't made it to Sutton Park Paul. From the clubhouse left at Wyndley Gate up to Jamboree Stone and back down past Keeper's Pool to Wyndley Gate is 5k IIRC

  • pdavey33 wrote (see)

    Cannock chase would be a nice run, but I can't imagine the forestry commission would be too keen.

    Delamere Parkrun is entirely on Forestry Commission land, and although I'm not involved in organising it I've always got the impression that they're supportive

  • Keep a look out, Cannock Chase Park Run is coming soon. Preparation in place. Hoping first run to be Autumn 2016. Location will be at Marquis Drive

  • Fabulous news. Can't wait to try it out when I next stay with my parents in Uttoxeter. Grew up in Rugeley and have been desperate for something to start locally closer than Darley or Hanley image

  • Any more news on this yet? Parents live in Stafford so hoping to encourage my dad back into running again, plus would love a parkrun for when I'm over visiting from N.Ireland

  • Still in progress, unfortunately there is quite a lot of paperwork to be completed and signed off by Park Run. I am hoping it will be up and running in the next 2 months. If your Dad wants to get back into running then there are loads of local running clubs around all encouraging new members with regular beginners courses being held

  • Apologies I didn't reply before wolfman.  Good to hear it's nearly there.  He was a member of Stafford Harriers many moons ago.  I think he might be interested in parkrun, even to walk/run.  When I mentioned about the Cannock Chase one being set up, he seemed genuinely quite interested. Thanks again! Nicky

  • Wolfman5236 - if you need any help let me imageknow.

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