Iliotibial band syndrome

HI all, 

I seem to have developed Iliotibial band syndrome.. Has anyone got any triedand trusted   methods for a cure.... Is it better to rest or to stretch/ use a cross trainer or use some tape?


  • Had same problem last year and at one point thought that I'd have to give up running completely. Then read on here about using a foam roller so bought one from Argos (cheap enough) and have never looked back. Physio just aggrevated it, orthotics helped for a while but using the roller on a regular basis seems to have sorted it for me. Gotta be worth a try image

  • I'm currently recovering from a second bout (which struck at mile 18 of a marathon last weekend). 

    I recommend: 

    • Foam rollering from hip to knee a couple of times a day while it's bad
    • Icing your knee immediately after exercise aggravates it (I find this only mildly helpful if at all, but I know someone it helped a lot)
    • Cut right back on mileage until the pain is less/gone and ease back into it slowly.
    • Avoid hills. Especially downhill.
    • It's best to have a physio look at it to diagnose the cause. Mine is a slightly weak part of my glute aggravated by a tight piriformis. For me the best solution is pigeon stretch, and shallow squats. 
    • Shallow squats with your back against a wall, really paying attention to keeping your knees parallel. 
    • Exercises like clam shells (looks of vids on youtube and on internet searches).
    • Really paying attention to your form whilst running - ensuring that you're not 'thudding' and that your legs aren't twisting in or out with each step. Slowing down will help with this. 
    • Not stopping foam rolling or rehabbing when the pain is gone is important (as I learned during my marathon).

    Last Sunday I could barely walk - I did all these things and today it's more or less fine. Good luck!

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    I'm currently suffering with ITB as well. As Flippaah said but with the difference of I have stopped running altogether for the last 2 weeks and wont run again for another 3 or so weeks. For the two weeks prior to that I was running 2/3 miles at a very slow pace for me but I kept getting the pain in the knee. I decided on seeing a physio who confirmed pretty much what I already knew and told me the quickest way to completely recover from ITB was to stop running for 4/6 weeks. He also gave me some of the above exercises and a couple more as well: single leg squats on the stairs/steps - face downwards and squat with your 'bad' knee for 2 x 10 reps. There is another good exercise which stretches the ITB (cant remember what its called) but I sit down and rest my foot (of the leg with the injury) on my other knee and gently push down on my injured leg. Then I push my chest forwards and I can feel the ITB stretching and keep pushing gently so it stretches even more. Using a foam roller also replicates the massageing action of the physio - although I focus on doing it from the knee to the hip whereas Flippaaah suggested the hip to the knee. No idea if it makes any difference or not. I also dont know if all of this is working or not as I'm not running and the only time I was getting any pain was when I ran. Does anyone else get any pain when not running ?

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    Each to their own David, each to their own image

    You seem to have been told off many times today too....

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    I wonder if the cause of ITB is people getting their knickers in a twist

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    Ohhh.... interesting post, cheers.

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