OK so I started off really well but a combination of minor injuries/pulled muscles, bad weather (snow) and various chest infections have meant my training has slipped majorly...


I have a fun run on 19th May and wondered if there is any advice on how to plan my training so I can run as much of the 2.5 miles as possible on the day - please help!


I have been keeping up walking but not been out for runs


  • First off, go for a run and see how it feels.

    See how far you can go before you have to stop and then take a walk break. Walk for a minute and then start again.

    Even at a very slow pace with some walking it isn''t going to take you longer than about 35 minutes, unless you are extremely unfit.

  • Run for as long as you can. Walk until you feel you can run again. Run again. Repeat. Next time go out and force yourself to run longer than last time. Repeat. 

    Good luck image

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