How am i doing and hello

hiya guys,

Just jumping straight in here to say hello and introduce myself as a new runner.

a quick bit of background on me ...i was 22.5 stones on a 5.3 frame...wittled that down to 14.7 stones over the last two years ..spent the last year teaching myself to stableise and keep it i'm looking to average the rest out with fitness namely running and yoga (the yoga i've done before) i'm not overly interested in loosing more weight or not too much more at least (i'm an actor by profession and need to maintain the same look for work)

soooo ...back to the running....Put my trainers on for the first time 15th february 2013 and am due to run my first 10K in bristol on 5th May - next sunday!

time is pretty precious and working life means there is no chance of routine so i'm doing the best i can and just getting out on the road...i have been averaging two shorter 3-4.5 mile runs and a longer run at the weekend... i did my last long run before the race last night and did 7.2 miles so i know i'm ok for distance now...but i'm slow slow slow... i'm happy with this for the bristol 10k ..i dont care how long it takes just happy to complete and expecting to finish in 1h20mins... but i need to start looking at speed work after this race as i'm hoping to do another in septenber and then go for a half marathon next year

any advice on speed work and also on buiolding my core strength would be amazing and of course if anyone is in bristol on sunday ...holla!




  • Are you Dawn French really? Well done with the weight loss. Hope the race goes well. Before speed work I would think some strength work might be a good idea, running fast puts a lot of strain on your bones and it's easy to get injured. Find someone who knows about weight training to show you haw to squat and dead lift.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Dawn French. Reminds me of my sister.

    Well done Poirot.

  • yay well done Ange!! As a newby runner I have found Paula Ratcliffes book and Run for life (sam murphy) a great help in understanding the basics from breathing to trainers and beyond.

    Well done you for doing so well with your weight loss..know what a massive (pun intended) difference it makes shifting the ibs having gone fraom 19 to 12 stone but still a way to  go.. what a huge achievement for you and hope you now go from strength to strength xxx keep us posted!

  • thanks guys...counting down to the 10k on sunday and getting a wee bit nervous but optimistic and looking forwards to the atmosphere if nothing else ...been a race groupie for a little while as my big sisters a long term marothoner and i've been to a couple around the world with her...we can but dream!!

    thanks for the support..what a lovely forum this is!

    Dawn French.....a smaller blonder version aye :0)

  • I have my first 10k on 27 may! I am not a runner but it is becoming my guilty pleasure, no more wine after work! Not sure if it's my trainers but I have ankle pain and it looks swollen. Any ideas? Tips? Help?

    Maybe I have overdone it as I tend to think of places to go, people to visit and scare them with my red sweaty face. I don't want to let my charity down, I am really enjoying training but only have 4 weeks to go and am now resting!! 

    What I would like to hear is that a new pair of trainers will sort me out just so I can get out again! 

    Good luck Ange!

  • well done ange...sure youll be fine and high as a kite after.

    Emma really would get your gait analysed to check as shoes and bra for me the two most important things. Apparently you should rest, elevate and cool your affected area image but most importantly listen to your body! Areyou doing any weight training/swimming between runs? Ive found when I swim it really eases my hip out which can be a bit twitchy...just a thought image Pleanty of advice around though for injuries I think image


  • Good luck today Ange!

  • STILL ALIVE!!!!! T-Shirt and Medal are Mine

    1hr 24min 11seconds and NO walking at all just dead slow lol ...had such a great time already looking at the Stratford one in September so safely say the bug has bitten

    So speedwork tips between now and strat of training in July would be amazing






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