VLM & 4 weeks later Copenhagen- training between?

Hi guys

 Just did my first Marathon at VLM. Followed the RW 3.30 plan (a bit quicker throughout though- sorry!) Finished 'comfortably' in 3.29.

 What training would people recommend to keep me ticking over in-readiness for Copenhagen in 3 weeks time?

 I'm planning Boot Camp (out door circuits) Tuesday, Wednesday fast coached track sessions, Yoga Thursday, club runs 6-8 miles Friday. Boot Camp followed by a (flat out)5k Park Run on Saturday and a 10-14 miler on the Sunday. This on top of the cycle to work each day.

 Any guidence good/bad on the above? image



  • Only guidance, has an a not an e

  • In the absence of anything running related- thank you for your input. I wonder why there were no running replies- did I post in the wrong place perhaps? image

  • Hi  Bruce

    You won't get dozens of replies on this as multiple-marathoning isn't that common. Most will train to race one marathon in optimum condition, race it , recover and rebuild, and train for the next season.

    Nutters will do multiple marathons image- I've not had a 4 week break before, but in principle I would:

    1. Rebuild energy / immune system in week 1 through rest and good food
    2. Start walking / stretching in week 1 to encourage muscle repair
    3. Light recovery running mid/late week 1
    4. Medium Long Run end week (8 - 12 miles)
    5. Week 2 - build up easy running mileage, add a minute or two of effort in each run
    6. Progressive Medium long run end week 2 ans week 3
    7. Stick in 1 or 2 VO2 session (week 2 / mid week 3)
    8. Week 4 - taper back down

    So - no long runs, and a bit of sharpening in the form of some intervals.

    Take care - muscles will recover well ahead of tendons/ligaments. If this type of thing is your bag then Pfitzinger & Douglas (Advanced Marathoning)  have a chapter devoted to schedules for 4 to 12 weeks in between marathons

  • Thanks Also-ran: that is very much appreciated image

    That's pretty much what I had in mind- especially the lack of very long runs.

    I am doing the Bristol 10k this Sunday (vice the progressive medium long run, step 6.)and hoping to put in a good performance on top of the marathon training, but i'm concious I may need to add an additional small recovery time after that, if it's 'eye-balls on sticks' effort to marmalise a new Pb.

  • How did it go?  I did 2 in 4 weeks last year. Hamburg in 4.00.05 and then Copenhagen in a disaster of 4.12.... it just didn't work out the way I hoped.

    I did the Copenhagen Marathon again this year in 3.57 and I am doing Chicago in October this year.. just wondering how I keep my training going through the next couple of months.  Maybe aim for a half marathon in July and then pick it up from there.  I think that is what I will do!

    Comments welcome.. if anyone replies to these feeds..

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