river 'vs' lake

Hey all - been working and actually training loads so have not really been catching up - hope all are well and as injury free as you can beimage

Anyone done 'Lancaster' I don't know why but I feel very afraid of a river swim... how different is it? No opp to have a rehearsal and timing of Lancaster suits well. Be appreciative of any ideas.


  • is it an out and back swim or a one way swim......I love river swimming as long as i know the area is safe.....

    as its a race thats one thing that someone else can ensure.......


  • I love the rivers.  Lakes are much like a swimming pool with the boredom actor but rivers are always changing.

    Most events will go with the current so you get a fast time, unless it is an out and back course as Seren says.  Rivers tend to be cleaner than lakes but they also tend to meander so you have to be able to sight and breath to both sides so that you stay in the middle and don't hit the bank on either side

    The current tends to be stronger in the middle so if you are going against it then stay to the edges, preferably on the inside of the bend but if you are going with the current then get into the middle and edge towards the outside of the bends.  Watch the speed of the people around you to get an idea of the faster line.

  • I went in the river today, it was blinking freezing.


  • yes.at the sides going into the flow and in the middle coming back with it........the flow does tend to change quickly 

    on bends it can effect the speed of the water as well..

  • F.oggy, don't be silly.  The rivers are up to about 10 degrees now and warmng up daily

  • I did a river swim for HIM last September (Rubicon, Newby Hall) and I was cold the whole way (not normally a problem for me) - but we swam down river for the most part and just a bit up river at the end. (I only read about the current being slower afterwards - and then understood why people were hogging the river bank on the way back up!)

    It was good, though

  • The Lune is a nice river. We lived at various villages along it over a few years and kayaked and swam throughout the seasons. Summers usually swam without a wet suit but that took getting used to. Where is the swim taking place? 

    We  live in the Lakes now right on the banks of the River Esk. the water comes straight off Scafell and our section of river is tidal so it is still needing a wet suit. The Lune is only tidal to Lancaster city centre and is longer and more miandering so should be warmer- I still like wet suits though until its much warmer. 

  • SuperCaz wrote (see)

    F.oggy, don't be silly.  The rivers are up to about 10 degrees now and warmng up daily.

    Agreed, blinking freezing.image


  • "Swim (1500m) Anti Clockwise Lap

    A deep water start in the River Lune with an downstream section to start with then round two buoys crossing the middle of the river to the far bank. With a long 700m section up stream towards the motorway bridge. Rounding the buoy on the bank and aiming straight back to the start buoy and exit ramp. Buoy layout and course are subject to change due to river flow and competitor safety."

    OHH you're all so kind and competent... copied this from the description... how does it sound?


  • It is a nice part of the river you are describing. near the army camp if i remember. there were king fishers, dippers and water vowls along there. there is a nice walk to either way along te river. caton, up stream has a cracking bacon cafe. 

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