Chester Half Marathon

Hi I have missed out on getting a number. If anyone is unable to run I would be very happy to pay in full for there number. I would let the organizers know of changes many thanks


  • I've got a number if interested still?

  • Hi oliver could you please ring me on 07799557629 thanks chris.



  • I am unable to run due to a football injury. Therefore, I have a spare number in the hand if anybody is interested.

  • Place available for transfer. Due to hamstring injury I am unfortunately unable to run image.  Please leave a message if you are able to make use of my number.

  • I'm going to have to bail out too. I have a cracking number should anyone wish to purchase it. Please PM me.

  • Hi I am still in need of a number if anyone would like to get in touch on the above number many thanks.

  • I text you before!!!

  • No Dave, but I believe I have that dubious honour for the Vale of Clwyd half in November, I was number 2 for the 10k LOL.

    number is 4567

  • Got a number now thanks.

  • Oh.. Quite a high number, mines only 2 digits 

  • Hi anyone got a spare number for sale? Chesarea or north Wales area? Pm if you have thanks

  • Place required!  Can anybody help me out please?  I'm too late to enter the race but I really want to run it. Anybody out there who can't run for whatever reason I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know.  Thanks in advance x

  • I've just read back I should ahve done that 1st, silly me! Stephen Andrews or the Inspector could you get in touch please?  Thank you

  • Hi, I have spare Male entry, contact me (Wrexham or Shrewsbury or Chester areas) for ticket.

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