How much could you live on in a week ?

Buying own brands and loose fruit & vegetables I've worked out I can live on £13.50 a week for the rest of the family its another £22.13 

How much could you live on ?


  • So you don't pay rent/mortgage, transport, utility bills, buy clothes, go out etc etc?

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭

    I could live on loads!

  • do you includes cleaning products and soap, shampoo, toilet paper, sanitary products kitchen towel in that bill.........they add a bit and i take it you have no pets at all.....

    if its no to the can live very cheaply....

     cheapest loaf of bread and marg will give you toast for breakfast soup different varieties will give you lunch everyday.......add a couple of cheaper fruit..

    then dinner......make the biggest part again carb based and tinned tomato based with small amounts of meat.....add some veg and you are there.......

    cuury one night,then shepphers pie, chilli, spag bolognese.....pasta and chicken......boiled and cheap chop....

     you are there.......

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    need to clarify re bills, sundries, travel costs, work expenses etc. Plus the kids may need new school uniform, pens, ink, paper...
    what about race entry fees?

  • I think slowfoot was just thinking of food to eat....not anything else........add in washing powder etc and it becomes much much harder.

    add in bills........ boys get school uniform once a year......sometime they will make it last 2 years.....they do take it off as soon as they get home image


  • I don't know. I hope I never have to find out to be honest.

  • As far as food is concerned, I have to cook dinner for 40 to a budget of about £1 per head, and there's usually plenty of food. And no, I cannot assume that "store cupboard" ingredients like butter and flour are already there.  And it's not all vegetarian either. However, it does require time and effort to shop around for the best deals.

    I think £1 per head for a whole day's food would be really tight.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Seren - lucky you don't have to pay for the uniform then...and luckier still if their feet don't grow. Youngest shot up one year, three sizes over one school year, so thats new shoes, P.E. shoes, trainers, running shoes, spikes, hockey shoes plus out of school footwear...or I could stop them doing sport I suppose!

  • Mine are older teenagers and so have calmed down the last few years..........

    I agree with you regarding the sport stuff.......

     My middle son had his club hockey shirt over 4 years ago but i bought it long.nearly down to his knees and so it fits him nicely now image

    Regarding price sausages 20 for 80p.......make a nice sausage casserole and sausage and mash.......

    but to be honest after a long time of penny pinching on the cheap cuts of meat and the basic food choices its nice to have enough money for some nicer meals........

  • If I was having to live on a very tight budget, I'd give up eating meat.  

    You can make tasty, filling meals from vegetables, pulses, rice, pasta, etc., and barely notice that you've got no meat on your plate.

    I guess I could eat for a quid a day, but I think it would get boring pretty quickly.


  • Just food bills  excludes all other living costs 

  • I manage on what ever the wife gives me 

  • Wilkie wrote (see)

    If I was having to live on a very tight budget, I'd give up eating meat.  

    You can make tasty, filling meals from vegetables, pulses, rice, pasta, etc., and barely notice that you've got no meat on your plate. 

    Agree with this. I don't eat a lot of meat as it is. I eat it rarely and buy decent stuff, rather than eat cheaper cuts more frequently, because, frankly, I don't like the idea of eating various sphincters and eyelids, regardless of how delicious the sauce they're coated in.

  • is there some "get by on £1 a day" charity movement going on at the moment? I've noticed a few newspaper articles, and things popping up on social media about this, so assume this is some movement to highlight the hardships that some people have to go through. Fair enough, and it's a commendable thing to consider ones own largess and extravagances, but from what I can gather it's pretty much just about eating on a pound or less per day. Seems a little contrived, when you consider that food is a relatively small component of most* people's annual budget

    * most people in the UK, obviously, I assume it forms a higher proportion of the living costs for someone living in, say, The Sudan.

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