All I want for Xmas

Is a cheap watch to tell me my time and pace with a large screen display for easy reading.

I dont want to spend alot, so please dont recommend watches that do everything including making a cup of tea LMAO.


What would you recommend folks, need it for 10k, reason being my training has taken me to almost the 60 minutes mark and I am on the edge of acheiving this time or not. The watch will help me maintain speed to make sure i crack that hour mark.

Thanks in advance.


  • Garmin 10 - try this

  • ^^ i was just going to suggest that, 

    If GPS is a little out your price band, perhaps look at some of the watches that use a foot pod, properly calibrated they can be as accurate as a gps watch im told.

  • that looks ideal, i will look further into that and see if it is the right one.



  • I have a nike+ sports watch. It's the really simple one that just tells you pace (using a foot pod), distance, time, calories. It isn't expensive or flashy, but it's lasted over 3 years and I'm really happy with it!

  • I took Davids comments on board and went for the Garmin 410, hope i wont be disapointed as it was more than i was hoping to spend. Thanks though all for your comments, it gave me food for thought.

  • Thought about going 2nd hand?

    Really happy with the forerunner 305 I got from ebay for £85. It is a bit chunky, but you don't notice once its on. It does have lots of bells and whistles, but is very easy to use simply, has a massive display, and came in cheaper than a new one with vastly reduced sets of features (you never know what you might want to use later on).

  • Hadnt seen that one claret, but it looks quite nice, a little pricey, i dont tend to like the second hand stuff for some reason, maybe i am just too snobby lol. I like the look of it and the features though, but i have now got the 410 and awaiting its delivery.

  • I just bought a Garmin 10; it is my first GPS watch and I absolutely love it already (after using it only twice so far).

    The main display while running is split in half with time and distance, it beeps either every mile or every km (you set which it reads in beforehand) and tells you your "lap time" for that mile/km. There is also a virtual pacer feature I haven't tried yet, that you can set to keep the pace you intend to run at.

    At the end of the workout you save the data, get home, upload it to the Garmin Connect site and it shows the route you took on the map, along with pace and elevation over time.


    Best of all it only cost me £80 new from the local running shop. Now my running partner has decided she HAS to have one as well haha.

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