Anyone run half/ full marathons with crohn's and colitis?

Someone I know has crohn's and colitis and she badly wants to run a half and eventually full marathon but at the moment this condition wont allow it.

Just wondered if theres any sufferers on here or you know anyone and how they cope or manage to run long distances and what their diet is like etc?

Thanks all.



  • No but one of my clubmates does, maybe your friend could get some info from the charity

  • Hi thanks is your clubmate on here?


  • I understand from someone who had colitis that it is possible if she takes Imodium, and or co prox and hydrates well.

  • I have colitis and have run two marathons and lots of halfs and tris. I find excerise helps the condition. I am on a low fibre diet as colitis flairs are in my case triggered by constipation (too much information?) if this is controlled by my medication and my runs are timed according to whether i have been to the loo then all is well.




  • Hi. I have Crohns and although I haven't run a half marathon yet (training for one in Oct), I find that by keeping myself hydrated and keeping my diet in check. Low fibre, nothing spicey and nothing too heavy the days I run I haven't had any problems (touch wood). I also found keeping a diary of what I was eating and what it was doing to my body helped as I could plan what to eat the days when I exercise.

    Tell your friend to keep with it though. I was told by my doctor that I have made my condition alot better since starting up running!

  • She manages in the gym ok but sometimes has to dash to toilet. Target is great north run for a charity this year.

  • Anyone else manage? Any good busy forums that  might help her?


  • Hi Mark

    I have got Crohn's and ran my first marathon since being diagnosed last weekend so it certainly can be done.

    Different people obviously suffer more than others and I am lucky enough to only suffer quite midly at the moment, with only a couple of flare ups each year. I certainly find that running helps and as time goes on I have worked out what works best for me in terms of preventing and dealing with flare ups.

    I also have a friend who was quite seriously ill with Crohn's a few years ago (to the extent that it looked like an operation would be necessary). He is now cycling extremely successfully. 

    My own diet is normal most of the time so I am quite lucky in that respect. I would definitely say you can run long distances with the disease, especially once you have worked out what works best for your own body.

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