All in?

Did all those who wanted to, secure a ballot entry today?


  • Doubtful , but who really cares ? ......


    theres a set of threads called Spring Marathon you can clutter  up if you feel the need 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭

    Have a look on the threads about the ballot. 

    You should get an answer there.

    Other marathons are available apparently. 

  • I'm in.  Hopefully 3rd time lucky. As has been said, now the long wait image

  • 3rd? Think I am about number 8 now. Got so used to slinging the mag unopened, I'd probably do it without thinking.

  • Going for 2 out of 3 on this one. Entered my girlfriend who hasn't done a marathon before and is terrified by the idea of one. She seems dead certain that you can't get through on first attempt. Anybody here that can prove her wrong?

  • Yes - my OH got in on his first attempt in about 2004.

  • Yep  2001 was my first straight in tho the ballot

  • Yes last year - ie for this past one 2013 - got in at first go.  Have entered again but don't expect to get that kind of luck again!

  • Yes, got a place in 2005 through my first entry in the ballot.


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