City of Birmingham Tri - Sutton Park - Any good last year?

Hi Everyone!

I am planned on making the City of Birmingham Triathlon in Sutton Park my main triathlon event of the summer.

I`m a relative newbie to Tri having completed a sprint distance tri in March & have been training relentlessly since being inspired by the Olympics and made to believe its possible by Andy Holgate!

Just wondered if anyone here did it last year and what you thought!

Main concern about the event is the fact that there are speedbumps throughout the course & its 8 laps on the bike leg which may be a bit slow and repetetive & TBH I can only afford to do one event this summer, maybe 2 at a push, has to be local to B`ham (i,e, less than 45 mins drive) and beginner friendly.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!



  • Hi Daniel, I'm doing Sutton park too, it'll be my first Olympic distance, see you there, (I'll be the one at the back being dragged out of the water sobbing).

  • Thanks JP - I think i`ll be oksy on the swim but you will be cruising past me on the run!


    My 10K PB from fresh is 1hr 12 lol - not much point counting the seconds!

  • My 10k pb is 48m 40sec with the wind behind me, I dont know how I'll do in the swim, i'll probaby still be swimming while your tying your runners on ha ha

  • nah you`ll be okay! Going to concentrate on my running as much as I can between now and then, Mo Farrah I`m not lol!

    Booked it today anyway- can`t wait!

    Wonder if i`ll be feeling the same way at 7am on the big day!

  • I'm swimming every other day, I'm nowhere near ready for the swim and the weeks seem to be flying by, Give me a shout if you see me, you may have to look behind for me image    I'll be in a black adidas top with yellow stripes and I'm a baldy with tattoo'd legs.

  • I'll be there too, really looking forward to it as it's my first OW tri. JP there's no way you'll be any slower on the swim than me, I was away for 7 months for work with no pool!

  • i am tempted to enter this as have a free weekend -  but looking at the route it doesnt seem that friendly - lots of lap counting and speed bumps by the sound of it.

  • I think there's one small section of speed bumps but we'll be passing them 8 times (hopefully), I don't mind the laps too much, I like to use the laps as mini time trials, I just hope I manage to keep count.

  • I'll be there, major issues are any loose dogs/children as we come down from the Jamboree Stone and if they set the course up like they did at their attempt at the NEC some years ago, I can only hope that there is a timing mat out on the bike course because there was some real cheating going on that day with the 'forgetful' lap counting by some competitors. At least being old I get a lie in!

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