High metabolism from running?

Since I've been doing the C25K program (which is going really well) I've noticed that I'm a lot hungrier most of the time both day and night.

Is this likely to be as a direct result of the running? I'm up to week 7 of 8 on the training plan.

Btw this isn't a complaint - I'm enjoying eating more plus I'm not putting any weight on by eating more either!


  • I forgot to add that I do basic weights with dumbbells also.

  • Running does make you hungry, but you want to watch out that you don't eat too much. Many people (myself included in the past) use running as an excuse to eat whatever they want. If you're doing a really high mileage every week, you can probably get away with that to a certain extent but if you're not doing that many miles, and as you're doing C25K I assume you're not, then it's very easy to eat way more than the extra you're burning.

  • roebyroeby ✭✭✭

    The more running /weights I do , the more hungry Iamimage.............ate a whole malt loaf after a run yesterday image

  • I think it depends as much on pace as mileage.  I have seen a huge change in my metabolism simply by incorporating interval training and weights.

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