Back to 5k after marathon training.

Howdo? Just completed the VLM weekend before last. Fabulous day. 4h05m. A little of my target, but hey, it was a magical experience. Now after 16 weeks of marathon training I want to get back to 5/10k races. My times are much more competitive in these distances and the training hours are considerably less (I have a young family!)

I'm slightly worried that my pace might have deserted me. My PB is 21m dead last July. I'm desperate to run the same event this year in sub 20, but need some advice on where to traget my training.

Advice oh wise ones please!


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭

    I doubt you will have lost too much speed. 

    Marathon training actually helped me get my 5k time down this yr. 

    My PB at the start of Jan was 19.00 2 weeks before London I managed a 18.00

  • EwanGibb87EwanGibb87 ✭✭✭

    Echo the above statement. My marathon training took my 5k PB from 20:54 to 20:20 in three weeks.

    You'll now have a fantastic stamina base ready to be built on with speed sessions. Keep the LSRs up to a degree to keep that level and add in your tempo/interval sessions. It'll soon come down.

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