Foot Factor advice

Hi there,

I'm need some biomech analyis and orthotics made, and am considering Foot Factor in the West End (London). They do seem extraordinarily expensive though (£340). I was wondering if anyone has used them before and what their experience has been with the orthotics provided. 




  • Wow, that is expensive - mine cost about £120 I think.  Maybe going outside of London could be beneficial?

  • I've got Foot Factor insoles and they've made a huge difference to me - I did some research and they're cheaper than many podiatrists charge and also made while I waited. You may find the cheaper versions aren't made from scratch, they often use premoulded shapes which can help to some extent but just aren't the same as fully tailored orthotics - I know from experience! I also went for a free assessment before deciding to book the full appt. That let me see what was offered and made me feel confident about getting them.

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