Music For Hard Training Sessions

What music makes you push yourself harder?  Here are some of my current favourites (although my list is constantly changing):


Flux Pavillion                    Bass Cannon (xKore Drumstep Redux)

Hadouken                        Bombshock

Nerd Rage                        Fast Dubstep

Nero                                Doomsday

Storm                              Time To Burn


Hanzel und Gretyl           Komm Zu Uns

Hatebreed                      I Will Be Heard

Korn                             Here to Say Dirty Version

NIN                              Wish

Snake River Conspiracy Lovesong

Cheesy but Fast

Addicted Diamond          My Sharona

Andrew Spencer            Zombie

RPM 17                        Hot Stuff

The Immortals                Theme From Mortal Kombat (Encounter The Ultimate)

Warp Brothers               Smells Like Teen Spirit (Voc 2 The Floor club mix)



  • I don't need music to make me work hard....

  • I don't listen to music when I run but I do occasionally find myself singing the chorus to My Body by Young the Giant on the runs/races when I am struggling a bitimage

  • You got time to listen to all that crap then your perception of hard is not the same as mine.
  • I'll listen to music when i run on my own but find it can put me off a bit. Perhaps because i'm listening to post hardcore/crossover metal.

  • I listen to music on my long runs, so I can stop listening to the voices in my head telling me 'stop and go home', 'you're in pain, stop and go home'. Btw, I only have voices in my head when I'm running - I'm not mental (well I think not).

    Paramore usually makes me pick up my stride, and a bit of old school Shed Seven image

  • I don't usually listen to music when I'm running outdoors (only the treadmill) but the best song I've come across is Animal by Nickelback. Terrible band, but it's a remarkably good running song.


    Name your power songs then 'Sussex Runner' - or are you going to flake out with the 'I don't listen to music' (if so, clear off of this thread - you have no valid input and are wasting peoples time reading your drivel). 

  • I wouldn't even call your list music. When I was your age I was listening to The Pistols and The Clash. Proper tunes! image

  • Music is down to individual tastes, for me The Clash and Sex Pistols are easy listening - good for in the pub.  Neither have the bass nor power required for pushing yourself during training. I'm sure my grandad would enjoy the aggression in your listed bands but they are weak motivators compared to the tunes that I listed.     

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Sussex Runner I think Ben fancies you.

  • Vomitting... the only true sound track to a decent session.

  • literatin wrote (see)

    Sussex Runner I think Ben fancies you.

    Yeah, he's clearly got a thing for older men imageimage

  • bv, I haven't heard of any of the bands you listed, but you are probably a youngster. My heavy metal favourites are Iron Maiden, White Snake, AC DC, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Metallica and Motorhead. Status Quo are perfect for a steady pace training run.

    I never wear my I pod in races, and am glad that more and more events are banning them. I'm also wearing it less and less in training, and concentrating more on my heart rate readings to make me push harder.

  • Fossil hunting can be fun!....

  • But as you tend to find fossils on stony beaches doesn't that make it difficult to run ? 

  • I enjoy a bit of Rodrigo Y Gabriella (rock inspired classical guitar) on a tempo run, sets a good rythm and is nice and up-beat. A bit of Pendulum works there too.

    Intervals /high intensity training has to be some metal (Metallica, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Pantera, Machine Head, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down) too many to name all of them.

    Then there's the inevitable dance/ house music the spinning instructor puts on (no choice over that one) but it's loud and high tempo so it does the job.

    Showing your age Sussex Runner, NIN (Nine Inch Nails) and Korn have been around sice the start of the 90s.

  • For me hard intervals are done in the gym. Switch on Daybreak or Loose Women and get through the session as quickly as possible, and then get the hell out of there. What   More motivation can there be?

  • I caught a couple of seconds of Korn on the dowload featival. Beavis and Butthead jokeband surely.

  • How can the younger generation be so uncool with their music. I like a few  new bands but dumbass shit like Ben likes. Fuck me!!

  • HA! Was at download as well!

    Must admit spent most of the Korn set going back and forth to the bar (needed some refreshments after Down) so didn't see that much either.


  • Just read that back. I meant dunbass shit music. Not dumbass Ben. Sorry Ben. 

  • Calling my running/workout music 'dumbass shit' isn't an apology. As Roger estutely noticed I'm from the Nirvana, NIN, Radiohead era so relatively speaking it's the younger gen but I'm still no spring chicken.   

    I intended this thread to be more like the one from the body building forums - free from Trolls - like this one which is full of spankingly good suggestions:

    This is turning into a petulent egg throwing contest full of ageism, swearing and ignorance. 



  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    'full of swearing'... 'hey guys, post your favourite shit!'

  • Well if the steroid takers are full of  such good suggestions why come over here and call us fossils ? 

  • Yes Ben, I can see this thread hasn't gone as spankingly good as you had hoped. I'm not sure that many people doing a hill session in their club would appreciate heavy metal being blasted at them. Some of the "proper" runners might object. Perhaps more suited to the gym junkies, the spinners and apparently, body builders.

  • This is a thread for people who are looking for high tempo / hard tracks to aid them with their running.  Surely the thread TITLE gave you some idea about that? 

    I never implied that it was for everyone and having your irrelevant Troll comments on here isn't helping anyone.  

    "Proper" runners? Are you implying that people who listen to hard running music are not? You are full of way off the mark assumptions.   

  • Hard track that like an old cinder track, rather than a modern tartan track ? 

  • Apologies for the fossil comment Dave, I was getting unnecessarily irked.  Being a trail runner I had to look up those tracks! 

  • Why does the type of surface you run on, determine what sort of music you know or have to look up ? 

  • Ooh, you can practically smell the testosterone! image

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