Ready to race?

Hi all, 

I've been running for about 3 months now and in that time increased from 5klatest latest furthest run 17km.

I run 5km twice a week and I can complete that in about 22:30 mins.

I then push for a long-Ish run on a weeken +15km with my latest 17km taking 1hr 30 mins. My legs were dead by that point but I wasn't the most prepared admittedly (spur of the moment run).


There is a half marathon in 2 weeks, do you think it is too much too soon?


Advice would be most appreciated.


Thanks in advance. 


  • 21km? If you have run 17km without any issues then i dont think an extra 4 will kill you image

  • No but like I said, legs were so heavy by the end of it. Guess I was just worried about it being a very slow time having not gone that distance before. 

  • you will be fine when i did my first half marathon my longest run was 17.5km and that was about 5-6 weeks before the event as i picked up a injury on that run, did not want to push any further than that and risk not being able to do the race, i got to the last mile and felt great finishing the last mile at near 5k pace and when i crossed the line felt like i could keep on going, you will be amazed how the crowd and other runners help you push yourself further than you think, just enjoy the day start off slow and see how you feel

  • You will get around if that's all you want to do. The majority of the healthy population could do a marathon with no training if they had the inclination. They would just be very very slow and would probably cause a bit of damage in the process! 


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