P&D Autumn Marathon Training Thread



  • Cheers Craig - My cold has just dried up to  a sore throat in 48hrs so was manageable. What did you run in? Trying to pick you out from my memory.

  • Green & white vest and a white cap.

  • 48 miles run last week if you include a slow jog round the local parkrun with a pushchair! Which was actually a very good way of cooling down after running 18 miles an hour and a half earlier! Forget the cold baths, jog a parkrun instead! image My legs felt better than they usually feel after a long run and the recovery run the next day felt less like a 'recovery' run than it normally does!

  • Literatin - smugness allowed image (also a little pleased that you were huffing and puffing as that means you are a mere mortal after all)

    Craig and Mennania, nice running considering you were both under par - times I can only dream of I might add!!

    acp - what are you currently training for or is that your usual weekly mileage?

  • Lisa123 - training for Chester in October. I've started the plan early and my long run was already upto 16 miles. 48 miles is the highest weekly mileage I've ever done! image

  • acp - I am running Chester as well image my first full marathon. Have few races between now and then though.

  • I think its time that someone starts a list again, date order please, with target times. I would, but at this stage I have not entered any!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    acp - you following the 35-50 plan? With your current weekly mileage you could carry on as you were then start the 50-70 plan...?!? Just a thought.

    Men/Craig - well done on your halfs....very respectable times so soon after a full marathon.

    Lisa - hello, I'm running Chester too (sorry if already chatted to you about all this, can't keep up with all the new faces!). What races you planning on between now and Chester?

  • 15W you will be just dust on my horizon in Chester image.

    Races I have planned are London Bupa 10k in 2 weeks, Bewl 15 in July and probably Heathfield HM in August, and a few Parkruns (though not strictly races) along the way. Chester though is my A race. 

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    What time you aiming for at Chester?

  • I would be happy with about 4 hours and love a sub 4. So really need to focus on my endurance and in particular my speed endurance and pacing. Hence why my time indicates that you will leave me in your dust image

  • 15W - a very interesting thought.....! You told your family i.e not us, that you're running Chester yet....?!image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Ok - 4 hours is a good time to aim for your first one. For now it's about just building up your endurance, getting some miles in your legs....and all these miles can take up quite a bit of time, so hope you're prepared for that! I'm going to try do most of my mid week MLR's early in the morning seeing as the days will be long...over winter when training for london did most of my runs at lunchtime...which meant some fairly long lunch breaks! Haven't told my boss I'm training for another one yet. Would run evenings but that not really fair on the family....

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    acp - I did mention it yes. Just got a shug in reply. My OH did mention her mum might be visiting early October which may make things tricky, but will have to cross that bridge when I come to it. The 50-70 mile schedule is pretty tough....but obviously more the merrier! Have a good think if you do decide on that plan...can be fairly knackering and time consuming. I followed that one for London and I was actually thinking of running less for Chester...but now for some stupid reason I'm thinking the 70-85 plan!

  • Lit - well done on the races. Your allowed to be smug.

    Lisa - as 15W says just keep that mileage up in the meantime.

    15 W - glad to hear you've made a decision on the plan.  Those MLRs do cause a few difficulties with the time involved. I had to do them after work and it that was the whole evening gone and that was just on the up to 55/week.

    Craig/Men - super times so soon after the marathon.

  • 15W and Fiona I am currently running 30-35 miles per week so hopefully will manage the up to 55 mile plan well.

    15W I think that I would die if I tried to run 70-85 miles/week, ok maybe not die but be comatose pretty much the entire time. Good to hear that you have laid the groundwork with your OH, a shrug is an acceptance of the inevitable!

  • 15W - it is the time it would consume that worries me. My training speeds are just not fast enough to do the MLR's that are required on the higher mileage plan. Could I just run an extra GA run i.e a run of 9 or 10 miles to make up some extra miles, particularly if I ran them at MLR pace? Would this be of any benefit? How much difference would it make to my final marathon time? I would love to get under 4 hours but all my race times are indicationg that this is a fantasy! But how much quicker will I get following P&D? So many questions....!!image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    and I don't have any answers! Following the more mileage plan will probably improve your marathon time...but by how much is up to question.....and more miles could leave you exhausted, and at a higher risk of injury so you have to factor all that in. It's probably best to use the plan as a guide and tweek to fit into your lifestyle...so adding an extra GA mile run would be a great idea if you have time. The most important sessions in the schedule are the long run, at least one mid length run during week, and later in the schedule the LT runs. VO2 not quite as important for marathons, neither are strides, but they are in there too. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of recovery inbetween, and if feeling too knackered to run a recovery run by all means skip it.

    I am currently going to follow the 70-85 plan...except it won't be 70-85 cause I think I am going to drop the monday recovery runs for a day off. Not bothering with double days this time either.

  • Afternoon all.  Men, well done on Chester (you too Craig but obviously we've spoken about that!).  Haven't managed to catch up with everyone else. 

    SHOCK HORROR I have had a good think about my training and decided against P&D again.  I've looked back at how I trained for Chester, doing my own thing (which really was more successful for me) and compared it to how I trained for Manchester and have deliberated that all the slower miles (I didn't do full weekly mileage) I did worked against me.  Everyone is different and I need more quality rather than quantity.  So good luck everyone and will lurk on the thread a bit but will probably be found on the Chester one once I start retraining for it - I entered it this morning.




  • Mennania - you doing christleton 5k Friday? I entered last night, only £6.50.  Full of cold though so will see how this week pans out,  had to pull out of Chester Half yesterday because of it, glad now really, seems like it was hard for everyone I know who was recovering from recent marathon. 

  • Oooo! I'm liking that idea 15W. How about I replace one of the recovery runs with another GA run and then I'm basically only doing an extra 4/5 miles a week but they'd be more quality miles. And I'd still get my 2 days off a week. And if I was feeling extra pooped I could just drop the extra GA run altogether or swap it back for a recovery run. Sound like a plan?!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    errr....think so.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    HeOw?! Not following P&D?!? BLASPHEMOR!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    acp - how about you add a few miles onto your long runs too.....?

  • Heow..but you PB"d on P&D..I really do beg to differ on your decision..its up to you of course, you did miss quite a bit due to illness and injury, do you think the schedule worked against you in that respect?...you had a bad run due to other factors and need to move on from that. x

  • I am running Chester and my target is a sub 2:50, I will be following the P&D 12 week 55-70 plan again.


    15West wrote (see)

    HeOw?! Not following P&D?!? BLASPHEMOR!


    Night Nurse wrote (see)

    Heow..but you PB"d on P&D..I really do beg to differ on your decision..its up to you of course, you did miss quite a bit due to illness and injury, do you think the schedule worked against you in that respect?...you had a bad run due to other factors and need to move on from that. x

    HeOw are you just testing us? I know somebody who I was certain would run a similar time to me at VLM but he came in an hour later at about the 4.30 mark and having looked at his programme he did what you said you did for previous marathons, too quick on the LSRs, so why would you go back?

    Edit because of double quotes!

  • She is attention seeking image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    as usual.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    It's okay, she changes her mind every two minutes anyway. She's probably back on the P&D already.

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