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  • Back off holiday. Managed 2 runs - 11 miles and a trail 7 miles. 11 miles was tough but I felt surprisingly lively on the 7 miler. May be because the rocks underfoot meant I could only go slowly...! Blood test results are back but I have to ring for a telephone appointment which will probably mean another 3 weeks before I know the results!image

    Need some advice about my long run tomorrow - do I do another 20 miler or try 16 with 12 @ MP  or something else? Did 20 last week and have 18 planned for next Sunday after 'racing' on Saturday(will have to be a parkrun!).

  •  Decided I can't actually do the aqua jogging - cos quite frankly I will look like a complete nut job in my local pool, so have decided to swim and do spin classes like it's going out of fashion in attempt to save some of my CV fitness. But feck me I never knew swimming was so hard - haven't managed to conquer the actual swimming and breathing at the same time yet, but I will try and master this.

    Carter sorry to hear that you have joined me on the injury bench - marathon training really does highlight weaknesses image

    Andrew really take it easy with your calf, sounds very similar to how mine started - can you hop on bad leg without pain, -i f you can't you have to lay off the running and get yourself seen asap. 

    Lit I use a really hard spikey ball on my glutes rather then a golf ball - ouch is all I can say!

    Excellent running going on from everyone - well done.

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    Lisa - I know what you mean about swimming...I used to be pretty good, but now when I go occassionally I realise that I am not as fit as I think I am. Keep at it though, maybe take lessons if your tecnique is crap, once you get good at swimming it's great for your endurance....and maybe will open doors into the world of triathlons in the future?! The swimming bit is why I havent' given tri's a go, I'm ok swimming front crawl for 25 or 50m in a pool...but in open water for a mile or whatever it is...I'd sink. Plus, I've also only got a hybrid commuter type bike.

    I'm waffling.

    acp - welcome back...I think try the 16 with 12@MP; but 20mi is valuable too...so your call really.

  • 15w - I've been having my backside and and torso massaged for weeks - you should see the bruises!

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    pics please Fiona.

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    World championships well supported so far in moscow. Not.
    Not a soul watching the marathon.

  • My lower leg pain is lateral and I think it may be my peroneus longus that has an issue.

    I've just done a session on my extra firm Rumble Roller - agony!

    I'm struggling with the idea of not doing today's run, a GA8 w/10x100. This is week 10 and I've done every run of the plan so far. 

    I will rest until Tuesday, but it's going to be hard!

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    Mo Farah - respect. Watching that and Brendan Foster going on about easy 60 second laps early on...and then I think about my VO2 800m intervals the other day...and then I realise how fast these people are. Incredible.

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    You know I am in a similar situation as Mo for my race tomorrow...all the competitors have heard I am turning up for it so will be trying their best to make it hard for me and try and stop me etc, but I am very confident in my abilities of course.

    Plus, I am only going to have two glasses of wine tonight.

    That's the plan anyway.

    Saw Alan Partridge film this afternoon, funny.

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    and andrews...I completely know what you are on about with not wanting to miss any runs...but you need to have your sensible hat on and think of the bigger picture. Missing a few days is not going to make any difference to your training; but making a niggle/injury worse could effectively end your marathon.You could cross train in some way instead for some cardio and to burn off some of that anxiety.

  • Cheers West. Like every other keen runner, I find being injured so stressful! 

    I'll take the opportunity to take my daughter Geocaching. I bought a selection of  fossilised sharks' teeth, so we'll find some caches to drop some off in. Some fresh air and a distraction from The Marathon Plan!

  • The last month has been a failure as far as following the training plan goes, just one run a week (LSR luckily) the last 4 weekends... 18, 19 and 2 x 21 miles.  I just totally lost focus in the heat (I'm like an albino with XP!).

    After last weeks 21 miles, which took 4:17 and was spent walk/limping the last 6 miles home and the last mile in 30 min, I self diagnosed extensor tendonitis, swollen red top of foot eased by loose laces.  Anti-inflammatories, KT tape and rest until today when I chanced a run, to see if I should carry on or give in for a few weeks, after seeing Mo come in for gold.

    Somehow managed the first 5K 15 sec shy of a PB with a couple of walk breaks and managed 5 miles before my foot felt a bit sore again at the end of the run.  Managed to keep some fitness!  I've a bit more confidence to get back in the plan again image

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    Hello. Back from Gt Warford 10mi. Managed it in 1.01.10 which is ok I guess; I was kind've hoping to go under 1hr but wasn't to be. Found the 6/mi pace too hard on legs that maybe needed more of a taper and slowed a bit in the 2nd half of the race.Still, is definitely a PB as have only raced one 10mi before and I think got about 1hr10 in that one.

    Nearly didn't make it to the start as couldn't find the place; and on the way picked up a rather eccentric chap who also couldn't find the place and was on his bike, he just dumped his bike somewhere and jumped in my car. So, was a bit of a panicy rush to the start...but we made it. Got a beer at the finish which is a nice touch, and bought another one on way home, and that along with the beer and wine I already have in the house should make for a fun afternoon watching the athletics!

    Results here:


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    Lisa - my swimming ability is like yours; used to be able to do it but now struggle. I've a friend who's a swimming teacher and after an hour in the pool with her I saw an improvement. Her tips were:

    use a float & practise kicking; make sure you use your feet as 'flippers' and lightly splash behind you - build up from one length;

    push off with your arms out in front (as if you're diving), kicking your legs and start swimming with the arms when you breathe - this encourages correct form and will hopefully keep the legs up and the body level;

    try to breathe every 3rd stroke - constantly breathe out through your nose while under water - the last bit of breath out & a big breath in happen when you turn.

    Hope this helps, although you probably know the theory already!

    15West - great result, very impressed!

    22 miles for me today in 3:36; started slowly and ran 8 miles with a friend. Picked up the pace a bit in the last couple of miles

  • Well done 15W, though obviously I'm just a little disappointed you didn't win. Is that the race you weren't sure if you could be bothered doing?

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Yes. That is the one. And about half way I wasn't sure whether I could be bothered finishing. But I did. Obviously.

    Clag - well done on your 22mi....recover well today.

  • That is how I felt in the 10k the other week - at about 7k I started thinking 'why don't they have 7k races? Then we could all just STOP now.'

    Yes, and well done to Clag. Anyone else doing 22 miles today? As a smug non-marathoning imposter I got to just do 10 miles. It was very pleasant, though I got a bit carried away with the pace in the last mile as I was racing a friend who was cycling to church (I got there first).

  • Very fed up! My planned 20 miles with 10 at MP ended up being 11 miles with 4 at MP! I just can't seem to summon up any energy from about 10 miles and even getting to that is a struggle. My pace is completely shot and my heart rate is much higher for a slower pace than it was for a faster pace a few weeks ago! Plus the PF in my left foot which has been niggling since day 1 of training has started to become more of an issue.image Can't decide what to do going forward.

    Went swimming with the kids earlier and I got my husband to show me some front crawl technique. I can now manage about half a length without drowning! Good luck with it Lisa. I'd love to do a triathlon one day.

    Well done on the 10 mile race 15W. image 

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    Oh dear acp. I think just put it down to a bad day at the office and persevere...unless that PF flares up of course and then you should lay off for a few days and re-evaluate. We all have crappy days..it's the overall picture you've got to look at. You have banked a lot of mileage, so it is all still there; you just need to get your aerobic strength back up again.

    Also - make sure you are eating enough carbs and also getting enough iron (red meat + vit C and no caffeine). Sleep is good too.

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    I really like Dibaba...but I really feel for that japanese athlete too. Tough call running from the front all that way with the ethiopians and kenyans on your tail.

    In other news...I'm a bit drunk.


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    Morning 15W.

    and morning everybody else.

    6 or 7mi easy today, distance will depend on how legs feel, got a little bit of DOMS this morning.

  • DOMS or a hangover 15W?

    acp - don't overdo it! Did you get the results of your blood tests yet?

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    The head has a hangover, the legs have DOMS. I like to keep things symmetrical.

  • Congrats on your 10mile race 15W.  Glad you found the start line!

    Tough fell race for me yesterday but now that's the summer grand prix done and dusted.  Next race not until 8th September so can focus completely on mara training for a while now. Less than 10 weeks to go until the big day, can't believe how quickly it's coming round.....

  • Another week down for me...7/18... got yesterday's planned long run in this morning... far too jetlagged yesterday to even contemplate it.

    29k... felt great till 24k then the wheels well and truly came off, the last 5k was not a pretty sight. Strangely it's more or less the same distance where the wheels came off a couple of weeks ago in my 26k LR... I wonder what seems to be limiting me... it was cooler today but again I was very thirsty... 3/4 litre of energy drink is all I can carry.

    Off on my hols tomorrow so a week and a half of shorter runs before a planned 32k in 14 days time.... dreading it.

  • Won't find out blood results until mid-September! But I'm assuming that my iron is low hence why the doc wants to speak to me. I shall carry on taking the iron tablets and hope for an improvement soon.

    I wondered whether it would be too detrimental to not do a long long run for the next 2 weekends (on holiday for one of them anyway) - maybe do 13 miles this weekend then maybe another 13 after the holiday which would be week 5, followed by 16 miles in week 4 and 18/20 in week 3.  What would be the longest run recommended 2 weeks before marathon day? Could I do another 20 miler or is it too close?

    I was also thinking of cutting down the mid week MLR to a GA of 8 miles but keep the speed sessions the same. I seem to be able to cope with the shorter faster stuff! Not ideal when you're actually training to run a marathon!image

    Does this sound like a good plan.....?!

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Too close I think acp - I would do 12 to 16 miles.

    The long runs are the most important of all your runs. Why not try 15 this weekend, 13 the following weekend, then 17 then 20? Then 14 2 weeks before, then 8 1 week before.


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    Christine Ohurougu - respect! Going to make sure I lean forward at the line in my next race...maybe that will get me that sub 60min 10miler.

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    Morning all.

    Legs still aching from sunday's race this morning...so not sure how far I will run yet today. Somewhere between 6 and 10mi. Whatever distance I run, will be slow. Hope all ok there.

  • Morning 15W. Where is everybody else?!

    Thanks for the advice 15 but I've given myself a good talking to and have decided that until I go on holiday on the 22nd I am going to stick fairly rigidly to the P&D schedule - long runs included! I'm hoping that even if I feel completely knackered I will be able to recover enough on holiday to give me enough 'ooomph' to get through the last few weeks of this bloody training!

    So this morning I did the prescribed speed session of 5x600m. Quite enjoyed it too!image Enjoy your slow run 15W which will still be fast by my standards!

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