P&D Autumn Marathon Training Thread



  • Good encouragement for us -thanks Ryan Snell

    Taper madness not that far away now - keep believing Clag
    Good effort  in dark Tiny.
    8 easy miles tonight for me before I head to Dingle in the morning for my marathon training run on Sat!

  • Hi all, not been on here for a while so just had a quick read back. Sorry to hear things aren't going that well for some of you.

    acp - I think you're doing the right thing - hopefully the blood test results will show something easily fixable and you'll be able to get your energy levels back where they should be, but there's no point trying to push yourself to perform at your normal level if you're still not quite right.

    andrews - I agree it's a bit too close to your marathon to miss that much training and be able to do yourself justice. But as RK says, if you are recovered now, is there no chance of entering a different, later marathon and using all the training you've already put in?

    Tiny, 5.30 is insane. And no-one wants to see your 'intimate' pictures, 15W. Unless anyone did pm you. As for me, I am still a non-marathoning impostor, but have a shiny new 10k pb of 39:45.image

    Also, GO CLAG!

  • I had to take an unscheduled day off today - a bit too much beer last night and VERY tired legs. 

    Marathon in 17 days so no more booze now - looking for sub 2:50 (previous best 2:52)

    Got a 5 mile race on Saturday that will hopefully be a confidence booster image

  • No booze for SEVENTEEN whole days, Ryan?

  • Nice PB Lit...well done. And well done on covering up your obvious shame and guilt at requesting my chafing snaps.

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    Bloomin 'eck Ryan! I thought I was doing well managing a week (especially with a barbecue last weekend & fine sunny evenings). Think tomorrow could be tough as it's my birthday. Don't know whether it's turning 40 or the taper, but I'm feeling very emotional and the tears aren't far away!

    Thanks for the good luck wishes. I'll report back on return home. image

  • Yeah, I wouldn't normally have such a long time off but have been to various events that have "required" (ahem) drinking so an extended break is a good idea. Also, I'm just not recovering very well at the moment so any help is welcome

    I'm proper up and down with taper madness already - total confidence one minute and abject despair the next. Being aware of what the problem is doesn't seem to help at all in dealing with it!!

    Ran a 10k PB on Sunday but now somehow my brain has decided that I MUST race well on Sat otherwise it's all going to fall apart image

    Clag - which one are you running?


  • Ryan - that's taking this marathon lark a bit too seriously in my opinion.


  • Nice PB Lit! image

    And I'm 90% certain that I won't be running at Chester. image It was hardly worth it for the time I was expecting anyway and now even that seems highly unlikely. I'm going to save myself until I can have a really good stab at going under 4 hours - I reckon I should manage it some time within the next 3 years........!!image

    Good luck everyone else. I'll keep checking up on you!image

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    Ryan - Perthshire

  • Hello all. Bit soggy in Manchester today. Swapping things round a bit as have a half on sunday...not sure what I will do today, somewhere between 6 and 9 miles..but will be easy.

    Clag - good luck tomorrow. Remember, don't go off too fast, try and keep an even pace, and enjoy.

  • Happy birthday Clag!  Hope you're feeling okay about everything, please do report back - I love a good race report image.  We'll be thinking of you.

    Lit - incredible 10k time, you are one awesome lady

    Rest day for me today.  Put on my work clothes for the first time in 7 weeks after the summer break - NONE of my trousers fit anymore.  It's great to be feeling fitter but I cannot afford to buy a whole new work wardrobe!  I look like a right hobo today with my baggy trousers image.

    Soggy here too 15W. Have a good run.

  • All the best Clag.

    The best bit of marathon advice anyone gave me was : 'Don't run too fast at the beginning and have a wee before you start'

    My favourite running mantra is : 'Don't think. Be confident. Just run'

  • and don't eat prunes the night before.

  • Good luck with Perthshire Clag, I did the half last year and had a terrible time but I blame my bf for making me sleep in a tent the night before the race. The post race ceilidh and vension burgers were great though. 

    Well done Lit on breaking the 40min barrier! image

    Just back from a week's holiday, and I stuck to the plan despite running in 28 degree heat at night! I usually enjoy running on holiday but because of the heat daytime runs were out, and there was only 1 lit stretch of road, the main tourist drag. Running up and down that for a week got rather tedious.

  • Good effort on sticking to the plan whilst on hols velloo!

    Just off to parkrun but will be thinking about Clag and our first P&Der to step into the breach.  Good luck! And run well image

  • Good luck Clag.

    Overdid the carb loading last night and wee bit hungover this morning.

    5 or 6 mi today.

  • Doing a 5 mile race this afternoon - it's quite hilly and it's a bit windy so difficult to know what I'll be happy with - low 29's hopefully image

  • Good luck Clag.

    Well... I joined the 20 mile club this morning image Wasn't too bad in the end... felt reasonably easy at 5:12/km (5:0x/km on the flat)... one thing I'm very pleased with is I think I got the nutrition right, didn't really feel like I was going to hit the wall at any point.... drink every 2k and gel every 8k seemed to do the trick.

    Now... could I really run the whole thing in my planned 4:37/km for a 3:15 ? I'm not convinced, but I reckon 4:5x/km for a 3:30 is definitely doable.

    Still, good day and a good finish to a hard week.

  • Good running there Mark image

  • Well done on the 20 mark!  I can't offer any advice as I'm a complete novice at this marathon stuff and my brain only works in miles, not kilometres so no idea what you're talking about image.

    Schedule today said 10 mile tune-up race.  I'm racing tomorrow so kind of did my own plan today - 2 mile warm up, race parkrun, rest and stretch, 5 miles at MP.  That last 5 miles hurt a lot!  I guess that was just a tiny taster of what it might feel like if you go off too fast in a marathon.  Trying to stick to MP after racing at 5k pace was horrific!

    Pleased to get a new parkrun PB of 21:35 (approximately - still waiting for official results).  Was windy as hell too!  Looking forward to tomorrow's race now, going to take it nice and easy and enjoy it.  Hope Clag is doing well.  Good luck with your race Ryan.

  • Good parkrun Tiny... 21:35 for a 5k is a good effort... a 3:45 marathon for you should be well within your reach, in fact McMillan says a 3:30 should be your goal !

  • 28:58 - well happy. Slightly held back on the last mile. Ready to really rest up now

  • Official time 21:32 image.  Ran a 21:04 last month but that was on a flat 5k race, where as my local parkrun is hilly and has stony tracks and grass.  Mcmillan can kiss my arse though! I think it is very, very optimistic when converting to longer distances.  Plus my 10k time is pretty crap compared to my 5ks.......which doesn't bode well for the marathon at all!

    Congrats Ryan - very speedy indeed! Recover well.

    How did you get on Clag? How dare you be recovering/celebrating before you report in image

  • Ahem. Just back from some stalking, Tiny, and you don't seem to have done a 10k since July, when it was more in line with your then parkrun time...

    And yes, Clag should be reporting. Unless you're still out there running?

    Congratulations Ryan. Have one of these: image

  • Evening all, hope you're all nicely shattered as you get to end of your training!?  I am!  

    Quick catch up, feel a fraud coming on here as I am not doing P&D but Literatin isn't either...  I am still doing my own thing, seems to be going well, lot more MRP stuff than P&D had me doing (I think as a "slower" runner, there isn't enough in the schedule for me). 

    Well done Tiny on cracking 5k and parkrun PB's during your training.  How many marathons have you done? 

    acp - I see from your posts something isn't right but can't look that far back, what has happened?  


  • Bloody hell, HeOw, we all thought you were dead.

  • Morning all. As soon as I've walked the dog am off to warrington  half this morning. Plan is to try and stick to mp. That's the plan anyway. Not feeling too tip top tbh. Good luck with all those racing or running this morning.

  • Good luck 15 West - you'll feel great once you get going. I find that MP miles seem easier in a race.

  • Good luck 15W.  Completely agree with Ryan - that's why I tried to organise to do all my LT runs at a race as it's so much easier to hit the pace in a race environment than by training on your own.

    HeOw - really glad you're not dead! Wondered where you'd been.  Please stick around - this thread is an awful lot less sweary in your absence and I don't like it.

    HeOw wrote (see)


    Well done Tiny on cracking 5k and parkrun PB's during your training.  How many marathons have you done? 



    Excellent stalking skills there Lit.  Must say after having another look back that you are quite right - nice one!

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