P&D Autumn Marathon Training Thread



  • I have got one of those gels in my big box full of free running-related crap. It says 'hydrate as normal' on it, but does not specify whether it means 'hydrate as you normally do just after you've squeezed a tube full of nasty claggy gel in your mouth' or 'you don't need to drink extra'. Hope that helps.

    Interestingly, it also says 'consume up to 3 gels per day', which would suggest that you wouldn't want to go overboard taking hundreds in the race.

    I have one of those Lucozade Elite t-shirts, too. Did you send off for yours, 15W? I can't wear it because it says #TOP10PERCENT on the back in massive letters, making me look like a twat.

  • Send off for mine? When/where/what? Lit - do you not realise that looking like a twat is part and parcel of being a runner? Anyway...leaning back to SIS gels after that little nugget of info.

    8mi today for me with some sprints. Got a few niggles going on at the moment...will I fall at the last hurdle?!

  • Here you go, 15W, free twatty t-shirt for people like you and me. Might not be too late to get yours. The ladies' sizes come up a bit small, so mine is a little tight across my giant rugby-playeresque shoulders.

  • Thanks Lit, just applied...

  • 15W I ordered them on Amazon as they sell them individually. I didn't want a whole crate...

    As Lit says it looks like the Elite gels don't supply much hydration but it doesn't say "must be consumed with water" either. I guess you should have a hydration plan and a separate carbs plan.

  • Some gels need to be consumed with water...some don't (like SIS). I'd prefer to have a gel which I don't need to gulp down with water. No gels actually hydrate...it's just a means of getting some carbs in.

  • Ha, just been laughing at the twatty t-shirt.  Of course I agree that's it's a twatty thing to wear 'top ten percent' blazened on your back.....but that's because I'm jealous that I'm not in the top ten percent and I immediately now want the t-shirt that I can't have image.

    However I have bought a marathon talk 26.2 t-shirt for after I've crossed the finish line.  I've no idea if it fits because I refuse to take it out of the packaging.....something about counting your chickens before they've hatched!  Is it twattish to wear one of those?  I think it's pretty discreet, with just a small '26.2' in the corner.  Will be so proud to be able to wear it though.

    No running for me today - had root canal surgery yesterday and I'm feeling a little bit shit.  THankfully got a 12 miler in before my appointment whilst I had a few hours off work image

  • Tiny - you'll look a right twat in that.

  • But a stylish twat though?! image

  • Good name for a band that. Stylish Twat. Or maybe The Stylish Twats.


  • Indeed.

    Morning all. 12mi with 6x1200 intervals for me today. Probably run outside then do the intervals on a treadmill in gym.

    Sunday looks very grim for long runs!

  • Our club are putting on a free 20 mile training run on Sunday, water stations and marshalls so if anyone is around west London they are welcome to join us. Plus cake at the end.image

    Think I might have to do an easy pace after last weekends marathon as the legs are still feeling heavy.

  • Morning,

    9 days to go for me - eek!!

    Today is the first morning that my legs haven't felt mashed but still a long way from being good to go. It was exactly the same during the last training cycle when I started panicking on Mon/Tues of raceweek that I wasn't going to be rested enough but then it all came together at the right time.

    Doing a 5 mile race on Sunday that I'm running at MP instead of the 7 with 2 at MP that the program says - it's been nice to focus on that rather than the big day itself.

    Debutant - that sounds like a really good idea and i might suggest to my club that they do someting similar in the run up to next year's Spring Marathons image

  • Taper Madness Ryan. I have it all to come. Which marathon is it again?!

  • You lot need to make a list.

  • You're right. I love lists.

  • 15West. Chester Oct 6th.


    Please add to this...

  • Sorry, I am a latecomer image

    It's the New Forest - bumpy but not too bad apart from a nasty one at 22 miles

  • Can it have target times on it and also, in due course, race numbers for stalking purposes? If you like you can stick me on as 'impostor: too lazy to do a marathon'.

  • 15West wrote (see)

    15West. Chester Oct 6th.


    Please add to this...

    ryan snell

    new forest, 22nd Sept

    sub 2:50

  • Don't know if I did that right!

  • image

    15West. Chester Oct 6th .sub 2:50

    ryan snell. new forest, 22nd Sept. sub 2:50

  • ryan snell. new forest, 22nd Sept. sub 2:50

    15West. Chester Oct 6th .sub 2:50

    TR85 - York 20th Oct - 3:45


  • is that it?!

    Just back from my VO2 intervals...did them in the gym and I was a right sweaty mess by the end.


  • Debutant - that training run sounds great - which club is that?

  • ryan snell. new forest, 22nd Sept. sub 2:50

    15West. Chester Oct 6th .sub 2:50

    Phil R Chester Oct 6th - 3:20

    TR85 - York 20th Oct - 3:45


    Let's be really organised and keep them in date order!

  • LisH - Ealing Eagles we are a newish club 3 year old
    Starting at Kew bridge - message me if you want details

  • ryan snell - New forest -  Sept. 22nd sub 2:50

    15West - Chester - Oct 6th sub 2:50

    Phil R - Chester - Oct 6th  3:20

    Debutant - Chicago - Oct 13th 3:10

    TR85 - York - Oct 20th 3:45

    Let's be really organised and keep them in date order!

  • I'm P&D inspired, rather than following it properly.  Bought & read the book (repeatedly!)... "followed" the  55/12 programme... though I've maxed out at 46 miles.  I'll add my name anyway.

    ryan snell - New forest -  Sept. 22nd sub 2:50

    15West - Chester - Oct 6th sub 2:50

    Phil R - Chester - Oct 6th  3:20

    Runny Knows - Chester - Oct 6th  sub 3:50

    Debutant - Chicago - Oct 13th 3:10

    TR85 - York - Oct 20th 3:45

    Let's be really organised and keep them in date order!

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    Debutant - I'm a fan of the Ealing Eagles image I joined the Gunnersbury Parkrun earlier in the year and ended up having coffee post-run with many friendly folks from your club.  I was very tempted by your half marathon, and had it not fallen so close to the marathon would have signed up. Maybe next year ...

    I now am required to hang around here for a bit longer to see how you all get on with your races. 

    I've resisted the urge to sign up immediately for something else. Instead I'm setting shorter goals for next year: sub 45 10k (the most achievable!), sub 1:40 half, and sub 20 5k (don't know that it ties in but it's a good number!!)

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