Talkback: Race review: Greater Manchester Marathon

I ran this Manchester marathon.and wow it was a fantastic day from start to finish,the support was amazing.i watched London week before and ive got to say the crowds were as good as London if not better,will be doing this race next year again for sure,be very proud of what you did Manchester,


  • Did your timing chip work ?
  • My timing chip worked eventually, but needed me to email in my times based on my Garmin to get my splits accuratelyreflected. That was the only thing wrong with the marathon.  Toilets at every water station, excellent crowd support, good organisation overall. Would definitely run it again.

  • I wonder if they adjusted times or just asked everyone for their own splits and finishing times........

  • Ptricia2Ptricia2 ✭✭✭

    I loved it and had no trouble with the split chip times. But then I was further down the pack but it was still a PB and the first marathon I have run all the way. The support was fabulous I really appreciated it along with the pacers.


  • I had a great race, and set a PB. Initially, my name didn't appear on the results list, but I appeared on the updated version and the finish time matched my Garmin to within a second.

    Manchester public were fantastic.

    Full report at

  • I ran the 2012 version and am pleased to report a huge improvement: race village, baggage ,course etc and the toilets at water stations was an excellent idea. Manchester support was again excellent and I enjoyed the doubling-back course since we could see the leaders and where we were going.Andy 4600.

  • Glad it's better than it was last year. They aren't rumours: it was shoddy as anything, with people getting ill because their post-race kit had been lost. It clearly represented a huge learning opportunity for the organisers, which they seem to have taken, especially re. baggage. Part of me is a bit oddly proud about having managed the ending through the underpass last year, though. Sounds like this year's course was wussy in comparison...

  • After running Manchester marathon 2013 , I would like to say how well run this event was run , it was my first Manchester marathon , my 4th marathon , picked Manchester  because said was a good course to get PB , after running 4.07 my last two marathons I managed to run 3.39 , this time , trained. Hard for four months , well pleased , thank you Manchester spot on thank you again 

    regards scooter

  • Ptricia2Ptricia2 ✭✭✭

    I ran with the pacer for the first time. It was a good experience though he did fast firstr two miles but I think it was his first marathon though he was an experienced speedy half marathoner. I was a bit shocked - if it was true and he wasn't winding me up.


  • Well done Manchester organisers... I thought the event was well organised.  The pacers were great, although the 3.45 pacer was going pretty quickly at some points - not complaining tho as I managed a pb under 3.45.  I would definatley do this again.  Thank you image

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