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Dear anyone who will listen

I have my first triathlon booked for the 26th May in Hatfield, Herts (pool based sprint) this will be my first triathlon and I'm starting to ask myself more and more questions about training and kit and I was looking for any guidance.

Training - The running part I'm OK with but does anyone have any training tips/drills for swimming (25m pool) and the same for cycling? Fitness wise I can swim around 32 lengths in 30 mins (couldn't swim in October 2012) and on the bike I can comfortably do 20k in 50mins.

Kit - Having just picked up my road bike I have no budget for a Tri Suit etc, what does anyone recommend I wear????? swimming shorts then t-shirt for the bike and run??And regarding punchers...do you recommend a repair kit or spare inner tube?

Sorry for all the questions, any help would be greatly received



  • The chance of you getting a puncture are pretty minimal and if you did the amount of time you'd take to change it you may as well call it a day. Lycra swimming shorts would be great if you have them. Don't go for anything too baggy as they have so much drag in the pool and will be uncomfortable to run in. Make sure you do some training on that new road bike too!!!!


  • Hi Good dog.  Start Fitness do some cheap tri kit. Though if it's your first then jammer and a t shirt would be fine. Good Luck! 

  • Thanks for the advice, I've had a look at Start Fitness and may invest in a jammer or tri shorts. I did 20k that other day and will get out on it today after work. Any ideas on training drills with the bike and swim ie is it better to beast out 20k/20 lenghts as fast as I can or to go fast/slow fast/slow over a shorter distance

  • i always use a new inner tube as it takes longer to do a repair...and i would not trust me repairs and wouldnot want to have to re do the whole palavar 5 miles down the road again 

  • I also alway carry a tube ... quicker than fixing a puncture

  • +1 for a tube rather than a kit.  For what it costs, it's well worth doing away with the hassle of fiddling about with a repair kit.

    Keep your old inner tubes though, they make quite good resistance bands for leg strength work. 

  • New inner tube. Presumably you do your training rides with one ?
  • HI GoonDog. If search here you should find some training plans that'll give you an idea of what you should be aiming for in terms of sessions.

    As for punctures, as everyone else has said, most of us carry spare inner tubes, a small pump and a multi-tool in a small saddle bag on all rides.

    Also have a look here - should answer a lot of questions for you!

    And most importantly - have fun!

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