marathon side effects

So i completed my first ever marathon over the weekend and have to say it went pretty well. I got  a reasonable time which i was happy with and i had an amazing day. However, since completing the gruelling 26.2 mile challenge, i have lost my appetite completley... im eating basically just because i know i have to, not actually through any kind of hunger... is this normal?? I felt the achey legs, had blisters on feet and felt as though i hadnt slept for days but i didnt think my appetite would have been affected by this??? does this happen to alot of runners?? should i be concerned?? any advice? thanks image p.s well done to everyone who has done a marathon over the past few weeks image image double smiles for you guys!! thanks!


  • SlowkoalaSlowkoala ✭✭✭

    I'm the opposite Claire - ran first marathon (VLM) a week ago and haven't been able to stop eating since! I wasn't that hungry in the 24 hours after the marathon though.

    I'm sure your appetite will return in a day or so so I wouldn't worry too much.

  • congrats on the VLM. I saw highlights of it and it look like a great day!! I thought i would be in a similar situation, expecting to be scoffing everything in site but i havent wanted anything and its been 2 days now...strange!! ohh well each to their own i guess lol thanks anyway image

  • The marathon affects in all different ways, I'm like you Slowkoala and have been eating anything in sight since, which is not good as I ran Brighton, which was two and a half weeks ago. Brighton was my first marathon, I wasn't pleased with my time (went too quickly over the first half), but I still think we're amazing for completing the whole 26.2.

    I'm still suffering with crappy legs and not being able to run very well, every run feels like such an effort. When will the feeling of crappiness dissapear????

  • Post-marathon blues? I think it is pretty common to feel a bit down after a few days. Depressed is too strong a word, but once the excitement and the build up and adrenalin have subsided coupled with the achey limbs can be hard to settle back down to "normal" life. It will take a few weeks to fully recover - don't push the runs. Instead congratulate yourself and start planning the next one!

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