Berlin Marathon 2013

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Does anybody have any tips on how to get a good start in the Berlin Marathon? I have been told that one of the biggest problems at the start is getting through the masses of runners and that it takes a long time to get into your stride. I know its not permitted to move up into a faster start pen but has anybody managed to do that?



  • You should e-mail the organizers, indicating what time you're capable of. If you have previous, relevant, races it would probably help if you could show your acheived finishing times. They might be able to change your starting pen based on this. I also seem to remember, from previous years' discussions on Berlin, that someone managed to change starting pens at the expo. That is a crowded place, though, so I'm not sure if it is a viable plan.

  • When I registered I hadn't run a marathon and so didn't put a time down however I have since run the Brighton marathon. I emailed the organisers the otherday with a screen shot of my results and a certificate (free one from Marathon-Photos) and got a reply back saying they have updated my time.

    Based on the pens from last year, it should move me forward one however I won't know if it has until I get my number. Plus if they keep the pens the same.

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    Thanks for that advice. I'll try that.

    Can anybody tell me if an energy drink is provided during the race and if so what it is and can you buy it in this country?

  • They do provide a sports drink, along with water, during the race. Powerbar sponsors Berlin, so I assume the sports drink is their's. To be absolutely sure you could always e-mail the organizers.

    I just hope they have switched from plastic to paper cups this year, it's so much easier to grab-squeeze-and-run with paper cups...

  • I am thinking of doing a half marathon (Bristol) two weeks before Berlin. I intend running at my marathon pace and using it as a training run. I'd be interested to hear from anybody that has done this. Did it help or hinder your marathon? My longest training run at present is 20 miles.


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