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 suddenly thought that it might be cheaper to buy a bike carrier for thios weekends trip rather than take a second car for the 350 mile round trip.......

 no tow bar or roof bars etc so it would be the basic one............had one years ago for the kids bikes........

so I rpesume they are better made now.......but would you trust your race bikes on the back of the car......

looking at the basic halfords own make one of sale as £60 would be cheaper thasn the extra fuel of two cars.....

 any thoughts


  • I had a back of the car type rack Seren . Had the race bike on that to Wales a couple of times with no issues .  Used plenty of that foam pipe lagging , and more straps than  a well equipped bondage dungeon . 

  • Not sure where you live Seren but I have a Halfords one in the shed that i've used once and am about to skip. You can have it if you like?

    I think i bought it to go on the back of a Corsa originally.

  • I'm in south wales K80

  • Personally, I'm not keen on the racks that go on the back of the car, for a number of reasons:

    1) Bikes are more vulnerable to damage in the event of a rear end shunt.

    2) There's usually some degree of 'overhang' of either the front or back wheel to the side of the car, exposing it to vehicles passing to the side.

    3) Boot access is restricted while the bikes are racked.

    4) They are exposed to wind, rain etc at potentially very high speeds (depending on how fast you drive).

    5) Security is an issue if leaving your car unattended whilst the bikes are racked.

    Each to their own obviously, but I always try and transport my bikes inside my car.

  • I'm up in north wales.

    I don't mind bringing it down as far as Llandrindod -i regularly drive that route for work. Can you get there or know anyone who can?

    I'm on leave tomorrow and friday if you want it.

  • I always have in the past........

    i suppose if they get hit whilst driving then the insurance should cover them.......

    wind and rain might be a problem..but i have had some rides in those conditions this year....

    it just seems such a waste to take two cars all the way up north......but no way can i fit in the four of us and our kit and the cmping stuff and food and the two bikes image

  • thanks K80.probably more petrol between us than getting one on offer at halfords

  • Up North? where are you going?

    If you end up taking 2 cars maybe you could pick this up on the way back for future trips?

    I really want it out of my shed image

  • Bloody hell I sound like a stalker image

  • I've used the boot mounted one in the past. It was fine but I did keep stopping just to check it was all tight.

    Does your car not take roof bars ? You could get a roof box and put your kit up there ?

  • cougie wrote (see)

    Does your car not take roof bars ? You could get a roof box and put your kit up there ?

    Depending on the size of the roof box, there might be enough room for a couple of passengers too, freeing up room in the back of the car for the bikes - job done!

  • The cost of getting roof bars and then the stuff to go on them would be too much i suspect .especially as we are not planning in keeping the car more than a year or two.

    I always think how on earth do you get the bikes up onto the roof.....must have loads of muscles etc

  • K80 .going up to macclesfield for the pirate DIY triathlon imageimage

  • I've been looking at bike carriers too- although I may go for the tow-hitch version (although I have the spare wheel in the way!).

    Seren - you're right about the roofs bar being rather expensive - by the time you buy the actual bars and the bike carriers for two bikes its well over a £100 for Halfords cheap and nasty version. If you have oval down tubes on the bikes, you're then looking at almost £200.

    Although if you sold your children, you could afford one and then have more room on the car for beers for me! image

  • do you think that if it was possible to sell my kids i wouldn't have done it by now and had some shiny new race wheels.

    I have tried all ways but noone sems to want to take them off my handsimage

  • and if i sold my kids i would have room for the bikes in the car image


  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    When do you need it for?  I may have one in the garage, or if not, I think I have a good friend who has one, I can check. 

    Equally, is this for Outlaw?  I'm only supporting so I could take stuff up there for you if that helps.

    Alternative idea, if you were to buy roof bars you could hire one of those roof top boxes for luggage and then get the bikes in the car?  My friend always hired the roof box as she had nowhere to store it if she bought one.


  • Book a travel lodge and then you don't need camping kit ?
  • Mouse I'm ok for outlaw as travelling alone......managed to grab one off a running club mate now so will see if it fits and if i can stick the stuff all in.would be nice to all travel up and down together..........and cheaper........ will make sure hubbies bike is on the outside just incase of damage image


  • cougie.i would have if my boys would have a shave.............but can't get a family room to share with them looking their would have to pay for two roomsimage

  • You just need to smuggle them in later ! Simples ! I often disguise my child as a large duffel bag. It's a bugger to carry now though.

    Oh airholes. Don't forget them.
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