someone just linked me to this on another forum i visit, ive been looking to buying an ebook reader for a while so this was a welcome spam for me, figured someone on here might also be interested.

the NOOK is at £29 for a limited time only, worth snagging even if you plan on flogging it on ebay in a months time (they sell for £59-79)


Post up your bargains/great deals asyou find them. always nice to save a few pennies.


  • Ordered one. Usually read books in dead tree format, but if I can root it then it should be a handy little device.

  • oh, thanks Livertbird, didnt see that thread image appologies. 

  • No need to apologise! It's a great idea! And great ideas are good even when they've been done before!


  • My NOOK has only just shipped, and I won't get it for another 2-6 working days. So if you do order one you might need to be a bit patient.

  • actually, i was told they were out of stock and my order had been cancled, i emailed back and was pretty shitty with them, saying i want my money back and i'll buy a kindle, 18 hours later a nook arrived on my doorstep. (this was monday)        


  • Got mine this morning, didn't have to shout at anyone. Very impressive for £29. I'll root / brick it tonight.

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