Running trainer recommendations for a large guy (slight over pronouncer)

(edit - title has a typo but cant fix it now. Should be 'slight overpronator - damn autocorrect!)

Hi all,

I'm looking for recommendations for running trainers for a fat (understatement) bloke. 

I know already that I am a slight overpronator (however only very mildly) as I have a friend who works in a local running specialist shop. Ideally I want something fairly light that doesnt break the bank, however am happy to spend a fair bit if it means I'll stick with it.

I plan on going to a local speciaist shop to get my first pair of shoes (and to get them to check I'm deffinently getting the correct type) however I'd like to go in there with an idea of the kind of thing I should be looking for. 

My plan is to start by walking and running in a local woodland park (a mixture of gravel, grass and dirt paths). I dont plan on road/pathway running at all due to...well...being a fat self concious bloke.

Any recommendations would be hugely appreciated.

Many thanks!


  • Overpronator

    You don't need an idea what to look for, just tell them you are starting out, and they will analyse your gait and advise you accordingly - if you have a certain budget do tell them.

    Also bear in mind that "something fairly light" might not be compatible with your size at the moment. They are more likely to recommend something supportive and cushioned if you are overweight.

    Well done for taking the first step. Enjoy your running!


  • I'm a stocky guy and use Kayanos. Get plenty of support and don't skimp - therelies injury!

  • I agree - don't skimp, but also don't buy any particular shoes because someone on the internet suggested them.  Their experience has no bearing on yours unless you have established some commonality (ie you've both got on with the same shoe in the past).

    You need to try them on.  And see if your mate can get you a discount!

  • If you're going to be running offroad rather than on tarmac then making sure you wear the 'correct' shoes for your gait isn't as important. I'm very fussy about road shoes and have in the past been injured to the point of not being able to run for months due to wearing unsuitable ones. But offroad I've found that anything goes and I can run in loads of different shoes without getting injuries. Combination of the softer ground plus uneven terrain means you're not just pounding away at the same muscles in the same way.

    Anyway, if your pronation is only 'slight' and not horribly obvious, I'd maybe suggest just trying out a few pairs at the cheaper end of the market and going with what feels comfy. I like Adidas Kanadia, cause they're less than £40. Also older models of Brooks Cascadia which can be picked up new on eBay for £35. If you're considerably overweight then you might be best to ignore my advice and make sure you get careful fitting by good shop staff and a very supportive and very well cushioned shoe. I'm just dead resistant to spending £100+ a pop for the latest fancy model when older ones are every bit as good!

    Edit: Please don't take that as a dig about your weight. And try not to feel self conscious. I have a friend who is 18+ stones and definitely not all muscle and he runs ultramarathons. You don't have to be a skinny minnie to be a good runner image

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    When I was 5 stone overweight I wore Asics gt2170s now replaced with the gt2000

    Worked a treat for me.

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