Nike running app,fuel band

Hello I've been running for 3 months now and using the nike fuel band and nike app for 2 months,its great as it gives you that extra drive to get out there and build up nike fuel and miles on your app, added bonus you get achievements and trophies and set  yourself goals, makes running more enjoyable.

I wanted to know how many people are having problems with it as I ran a total of 60.4 miles in march and you should recieve  a gold high mile trophie but never, and I set out to run over a 100miles in April which I completed and still never received the platinum trophie.



  • Mate you are about to enter a whole can of worms territory here.

    The web page has had various problems for as long as I have been using it (since December) and certain parts of it seem to have been completely turned off. You won't get many trophies at all any more, none for running on special dates for example.

    People have had massive problems with their log ins too and while it seems to have stabilised in the past few weeks it is quite basic as a running stats web site.

    I use the GPS watch and from being very happy with it, my faith in Nike is gradually fading because the absolute lack of decent support for certain issues has been shocking.

    I'll persevere for the rest of the year then I'll look at something new for 2014!

  • Are right sorry...

    never knew it was such a massive problem, well that is sh*t.....

    thats what i to want to get next the nike GPS watch with the heart rate monitor..

  • I'm not saying it is useless or anything and the watch has in the main been very good, but it does feel like Nike have opted to work more on the fuel band stuff than the GPS.

    If you go on the Nike running facebook page you can see how many people ask about having runs adjusted and added to the site and then go further back and you will see a number of quite disgruntled people where issues have been ongoing and nothing has been done for months.

    The trophies thing came to a head when Nike declared that certain trophies were only for last year, when earlier they had said they were investigating the problem.

    I will say I have only had two bad days with the watch in 4-5 months. It dropped out of signal once on a training run and on my recent marathon it dropped out 4 times for seemingly no reason. Other than that there is a slight issue with the bottom corner of the screen fogging when it is cold and wet...

  • Hi Medicalert,

     Think nike need to pull there finger out and sort these problems out....

    i would be gutted if I was running a marathon and the watch lost signal or a training run for that matter,

    im using the NIke running app no problems so far,just not getting the rewards etc...

    the fuel band is really good .

  • I've been using the Nike+ website and running app for the last year and really enjoyed it. I have some friends that use it as well. The achievement debacle looks like it might be over now? I got the Cinco De Mayo one today and the birthday and anniversary ones about a month ago.

    I've stopped using the app though as I got myself a Garmin 610. There is a website that converts Garmin activities to Nike+ and it's as simple as cut and pasting the Garmin activity URL into a field. So now I have the additional data from the Garmin system but can still keep my Nike+ profile updated. Don't feel that you have to get a Nike watch to keep using the Nike+ website.

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