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Hi All,

I'm brand new here and hope I'm posting in the right place.  I'm definitely a beginner runner, but can manage to run around 5 k, so defo don't need a c25k plan.  I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good half marathon training plan for me?  Also are there any iPhone apps that are good for half marathon training?  Sorry for all the questions, but also; does it make sense to run say 3 times a week, and include 1 yoga session a week and 1 body conditioning class a week or devote all my training to running?  Could really do with some help.  My half marathon is on September 8th, so I really need to kick start some proper training ASAP.

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  • I would say mixing up your fitness regime is a good thing. Running will obviously develop the muscle groups you need for your race, but other forms of exercise will give you a more rounded fitness and this can only be good for your performance and overall well being.

    Remember though it is really important to make sure you get plenty of rest in between those sessions. Some of your runs closer to the time will be a significant distance and your body will need time to adapt especially if you want to get through without injury.

    I like the My Asics plans, but I trained for my marathon by looking up a few different plans and creating my own based on my work schedule, in most cases it isn't rocket science. But get a plan and stick to it as best you can and you can nail a half by September!

  • Hi Medicalert,

    Thanks for the reply.  I agree that mixing up my fitness regime will give me a more rounded fitness.  I really like the idea of 3 runs a week, one of which will be a long run at the weekend, 1 yoga session and 1 body conditioning session a week.  This will also allow for 2 days of complete rest.  I'm not sure if that will prepare me for a half marathon though.  I'm going to take a look at the My Asics plans - thanks for the reccie and your reply image

  • Hi Lisa, you're not doing the Run to the Beat are you?  I am and am in the same position as you - it's my first 'run'. I'm using a 23 week plan from Runkeeper (which works on the iPhone), which I started at the beginning of April - they have shorter ones also. I did CT5K from the start of the year then decided to carry on with another plan.  But I'm also looking at others as well to get an idea, so the Runkeeper is the core plan, but may mix a few sessions up

    As well as 3-4 running sessions a week, I'm doing one High Impact session, a weights session and a pilates session - so pretty similar plan to you

  • Hi Rachelcgen, I am indeed doing Run to Beat, how brilliant that you are doing it too. That's really comforting to know that there is someone else out there in a very similar position to me, who is doing a pretty similar plan.  I will have a look at Runkeeper!  Thanks so much and best of luck with your training and the race image

  • I'm using the My Asics for the GNR in September, my first half. I like the plan, its pretty straightforward to follow and you can set the amount of days you want to run or alter the days if needed. I set the finish date for 2 weeks before though, just in case I need to miss a week for any reason and also because the plan only takes you to 11 miles and if I have a spare week at the end before the taper I would like to do a 12 miler just to get a bit closer to the actual race distance.

  • You could always use one of the half plans from this RW site. Personally I like the Garmin ones.

  • i am using my asiscs to track my runs but prior to this i was using google maps to check the distance before I left (im to tight to buy a watch) bu i do use training plans from about.running as they worked for me for my first 5k which i can now do in sub 25 mins. but i would say find something your happy with and stick to it when you try and change something half way through it seems to go a bit wrong IMHO

  • Thanks all!


    Oscarsmum and Numb Feet, I've started using my asics and am getting along well with it so far.

    Steve C, going to check out those plans now too.


    Thanks so much everyone for your helpful replies

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    I'm a big fan of my.asics.co.uk especially for newbies as they don't overtrain you.



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