Running shoes for walking?

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Hi folks,

I wonder if anyone can help...

My wife is about to take part in a half marathon walk in just over a month.  Her background is very little fitness/sporting activity.  She's healthy / slim but does very little exercise.

I suggested that it might be an idea to get a decent pair of running shoes with decent heel support for walking longer distances as there is a whole lot of heel striking involved in walking.  I'm not really sure if that's right or not?  (I know you do heel strike when walking, but does that translate into good cushioned running shoes being a good idea?).

She currently walks in a pair of fairly cheap hiking boots bought years ago that are waterproof - she's concerned about getting wet feet if out in the mud!

So - any recommendations?  A pair of trail shoes perhaps?



  • The forces involved with running are (I think) something like 3x greater than with walking, which is why running shoes are cushioned.

    So while there's no reason she couldn't do it in running shoes, she'd probably be better sticking with the shoes she's got.

  • I'd stick with the old boots TBH. Presumably she's put some good distances in with them ?

    She could do it in running shoes - plenty of us have done a lot of walking in the ironman marathon in running shoes - but I'd probably not make changes so close.
  • What sort of terrain is she walking on? From the comment about the mud, I assume at least some of it is off road.

    I think I'd definitely stick with a good old worn-in pair of walking boots.

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    Cheers for the feedback.  She hasn't put in any good distances with the boots really to be honest.  Total distance over about say 10 years since they were bought would be fairly high, but she's far from a seasoned walker.

    It's one of these charity moonlight walks that she's doing - I think it's generally on dry land.  The comment about mud was more to do with the walking she does / will do before the day comes round.  Everywhere is pretty muddy at the moment - even the old railway lines round about us.

  • If there's a lot of tarmac I would probably go for some trainers as hiking boots just do not provide the cushioning.  It's a tough one working which shoes to wear for events like this..

    Good luck!

  • Ramblers (who would consider a 13 miler a "B" walk) would insist on Boots for anything more than a "C" walk (around 6 miles) due to the robust nature and protection for ankle etc.. also the waterproofing would be alot better and if she goes off road they would suit the terrain   image and don't forget a good pair of thick socks as well image.

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