How to choose Running shoes

How to choose shoes, buy shoes need to pay attention to the following tests:
1, check the connection part of the shoes. Especially on the surface of the sole and shoes link. Generally on the surface of the sole and shoes links there are three kinds of methods: one is thread stitching together; 2 it is to use super glue to stick together. Three is: sewn and glue are used together. No matter what method is the sole and shoes should be aligned. To observe carefully the shoes of the heel, toe and foot curve of the position and status, and the connection between these areas.
2, touch method to detect sole place direct contact with the inner liner and insole and sole processing quality. If the inside of the shoes have wrinkles and uneven, coupled to uncomfortable shoes. If sewing parts and parts of the interface is very rough, cable junction will rub feet; If nail studs not good, sometimes the insoles for top up, shoes will be uncomfortable.
3, press with finger pressure in baotou section of the shoes, testing its elasticity and thickness of the leather, too thin, it will collapse soon, such shoes is bad, want to choose to have certain elasticity shoes.
4, test sole bending condition, especially the toe root part of the corresponding bending condition, this is the life of the shoes, be careful.
Optimal because of culture, experts say, infants and young children's feet are very soft, and the development speed is quick, if toes bend or squeezed, very prone to deformity, so pay particular attention to: when the choose and buy shoes shoes
Don't buy expensive shoes to wear, best buy prices cheaper shoes, not suitable to replace as soon as possible. Due to the children's feet grow faster, the best 2 to 3 months in a pair of shoes.
Because children's feet are at puberty, so to choose children's shoes must be suitable for children, heel should not more than two centimeters. Shoes is too big, not only affect children's normal activities, and get in the way of children walking posture is correct. Shoes is too small, can affect the growth of children foot muscles and ligaments, toes by extrusion, also prone to deformity.
Choose help bottom material is soft, permeability is good shoes. If the sole is too hard, to enhance children's arch elastic, and easy to cause children flatfoot symptoms; Toe instep is too hard, vulnerable to oppression.
Now market shoes style is full of beautiful things in eyes, passed me by. But a lot of style of shoe manufacturers too much and ignore the comfort and practicality, so we bought a pair of delaying time fashionable and comfortable shoes is very not easy. After a lot of people wear fashionable shoes if unbearable pain is often happened.
Is wearing shoes material comforts, but also physical and mental enjoyment, buy shoes is the most important is comfortable, second is beautiful. A pair of uncomfortable shoes, probably because you have to change the posture and destroy your itself has physical beauty, how can we reflect the value of it? Get a pair of comfortable shoes actually not difficult, the key is to grasp the "secret".
When you decide to try on shoes, the first to figure out whether it is clean, if there is any crack. Soft leather shoes, also is the assurance of quality, durable. The specific approach: you can put the shoes bending, more easy to distort, the show stretch, said the better the quality.
Prefer to buy a big yards of shoes, also don't wear the shoe is too tight is too narrow, or walk a few steps you will be screaming. Toe head to toe, the taste is not comfortable. Wear the shoe is too narrow small, easy to damage the skin, effect the beauty of the feet and even twisted heel, no overall beauty to talk about more.
Lots of life to my feet size is a little difference, together with the size of a pair of shoes is not completely equal. So, buy shoes may find a


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    thank you - I feel much more knowledgeable about making shoe choices now

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  • Red ones are always faster 

  • but neutral make your legs look longer.

    Edited to clarify neutral colour not construction - don't wanna start another forum war.

  • I like ones with pretty colours. It is why I only run on trails - prettier shoes. 

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