Blister Advice

Never been much of a runner...however have got massively into cycling over the last year which has in turn made me much fitter and then it turns out much better at running.

So much so that I took myself to Runners Need, had my gait analysed and splurged £100 on some new Saucony something or others which should help my slightly overpronating right foot, apparently. 

Problem is, went for a 5k on Tuesday, after 3k was developing blisters inside my arches on both feet, and then same again the next day. I've had blisters in the exact same place from a pair of Nikes I had a couple of years ago, but not from the Adidas I had in between.

Went back to the shop today and they gave me some new socks FOC to see if they would help.

Consensus online seems to be split between 'blisters are inevitable in new trainers' and 'i never get blisters.'

Tempted to get a full refund and go to Asics and get their 3d mapping to make sure the shoes I get are based on the specifc shape of my feet, but then again no idea what I'm on about!?





  • You can get anti blister patches to put inside your shoes.  You put them over where the sole and upper meet as this is probably what is causing the issue,  My first pair of running shoes gave me the exact same blisters, the running shop then put in these patches and it solved the problem.  I have not needed them since though.  I also wear the Run Breeze anti blister socks which are twin skin which probably helps.

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