Cant solve the cause of my knee pain....

hi. I have trained and run fine to compelte a 10km in october last year, and since upping my miles i have a pain in my knee, can be L or R knee depending on day ! i have been to cports clinics and got new traineirs and osteopaths and since December cannot run more than a mile without having to stop for a pain.  I am so fruistrated, ihave missed both the brighton half & full marathion and am not now able to compelte the south downs half in June.  Can anyone recommend  some thoughts on what i can do, i have not pulled anythign, fallen or injured myself.  all the clinics recommended on this RW site are london and beyond, none are local to sussex.

Thanks, from a very frustrated but not ready to give up runner x image


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    if you've seen 6 different people at 3 different clinics who have obviously been able to look at and feel your knee, why do you think a bunch of people on a forum who cannot even see your knee are likely to offer any better advice???

    I suggest you get in touch with Sportswise in Eastbourne - you are in Brighton I believe. - it's staffed by a mix of sports medics, physios, podiatrists etc and has an excellent pedigree. I've used them on a couple of occasions to sort issues out.  Nick Webborn, the Director, is one of the top UK sports medics with a specific interest in lower leg issues in runners - what more do you need??

  • I'd have to say the same as fat budda!  One thought I have is that as you haven't fallen or pulled anything it sounds like a biomechanics problem - especially as youve just upped the mileage.  Generally its issues at the foot or hip that cause biomechnical pain at the knee.  You can 'treat' the knee as long as you like but until you fix the hip or foot issue the knee pain will not go/keep coming back.

  • Agree with both above. Had many issues myself, depressing battle! 
    Mostly because big muscles annihilate tendons/ligaments in/around the knee when increase pace/mileage. Glutes/Hips/back influence hammy/ITB/Quads = knees take the strain, there's usually a sequence of issues and a multitude of solutions.

    Perhaps an idea to consider technical aspects, these guys are very good


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