what size ?

Hello to all  


I have a foot 23 cm I do not know what size to order . I wanted to buy ADIDAS SUPERNOVA GLIDE 5 can someone help me.I looking half a number bigger, or a whole number. In general, always buying number 8 but I know that running shoes should be larger



  • 9 and half's... Unless you are buying blue ones, which in that case gets size 10's

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭

    Go in a shop and try them on. I know it's old fashioned but it does seem to work very well. 

  • Spoilsport Millsy.....

    I was waiting for him to find out the blue ones are half a size smaller not larger

  • Thanks for the quick response I would like to buy the black.

    I was in the shop but there were only small numbers and I could not try  any

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    If you are currently wearing running shoes (i.e. the Adida aren't your first pair) have a look at the "show me how it fits" option on the following web site:


    NB this is American rather than UK sizing, so make sure to check your current shoe's US size when entering the info.

  • This is my first pair of running shoes I'm just starting beginners runner

    I will ordered that shoes from adidas uk, but the goods come from Germany


    thanks all for quick respond

  • How come the blue ones fit differently? image

  • I also just wonder why blue is a different size ?

  • These days you would thing manufacturers could get sizing right. I take a UK 7 in shoes. Generally I wear New Balance, so have to go to a size 8.

    It's not just shoes - clothes are the same. RonHill I am a small in tops, Gore a medium and Helly Hansen a large??

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