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Please can somebody recommend a shop that sells trainers that puts you on a treadmill to find out which are the best trainers for you? Keighley/Bradford/Leeds area. Please.


  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    The Complete Runner in Ilkley always had (and I believe still has) a good reputation  -  though I've not been in for about 20 years!   Ring them to find out if they have a treadmill, but whatever, I'm sure that they have the experience to advise very professionally.


  • The complete runner is one of the best shops in the North. Run by husband and wife for years both runners in the younger days. 

    Dont think they have a treadmill but to be honest they dont need one. Take a pair of oldish shoes/trainers and they will get you walking across the shop, up and down a few stairs and know exactly what you need. 

    They are on the road from Otley to Ilkley A65 I think before you get to Ilkley

    up and running in centre of leeds do gait analysis on treadmill if you really desire it too.

  • I went to The Complete Runner. Got a pair of cheap Saucony. Now on my 10th pair.

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