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Hello all

Having a bash at an ultra next year, and need to carry a minimum of 1l of water, emergency first aid and wet weather gear (hopefully won't need it!)

Any recommendations for a ladies backpack, have looked at Salomon agile 12, camelback 2l but completely no idea. I am on the short side but quite wide(!) and tend to chafe quite quickly (ouch!) I need to be buying this relatively soon.

Look forward to hearing from any/somebody

Grumpycow ( I'm not really but don't tell anyone!)




  • Have a look at the Raidlight gear ... have not heard a bad word said of them

  • You might need a small mortgage, as they are not cheap ... ... I took delivery of and ran with the latest Nathan offering today Nathan Vaporwrap, it is pretty awesome and they do a version specifically designed with a ladies fit Nathan Vaposhape.

  • I've got the Salomon 10+3 vest backpack and really like it. It comes in two sizes. Takes a 1.5 L water bladder - or a 2 litre Camelback bladder. Howeever, it's not cheap.

    My secondary pack is an OMM Ultra 12 litre  - takes a two litre bladder, costs much less (about £35 if you look around online).

    Re. Raidlight, I tried one of these, having read good write-ups, but found that the holder for the water bottle on the side was placed so it banged my elbow at every stride.

  • I have the OMM Ultra 12 litre.

    It is very comfy to run with and holds a change of clothes( not bulky ones) and a v. small towel( obviously without the bladder). It has a waist and chest strap and does not bounce around. I think I paid around £40 online. I really like it and  it doesn't chafe.

  • I am having a go at an ultra this year and have just been through this process. After spending hours on the Internet and ordering several I went for a ladies salomon 10+3 backpack however I think this is an old model so not many about. I chose this one because I prefer bottles to bladder (although it does come with one) and I wanted pockets on the waistband

    My second choice would have been the OMM 12litre ultra It's very light and has one waist band pocket for food and mesh pockets on the side for bottles. 

    Good luck with your search.

  • Thanks for all the advice, it's so hard when you can't actually get your mitts on them to compare.

    I am no nearer a decision, any other suggestions will be welcome. I am thinking of ordering a UP as they are not expensive, just to get the feel of carrying one, and using a bladder, then making a more informed decision for the next one if necessary. I like the sound of the OMM....


    Regards to all



  • Where about are you based?

  • Gregory also do female specific backpacks but again this would mean ordering on line. I agree it's a bit of a nightmare and some are very expensive!

  • I'm in South Lincolnshire. It's flat as a pancake here so not the ideal preparation ground for anything involving hills! 

    My nearest specialist running store is Lincolnshire Runner, and I will be paying them a visit soon to get the trail shoes, so I'll see what they have to offer.


    Cupcake - do OMM sell the bladder which goes with the 12L Ultra, or do other makes fit - sorry if its a stupid question!

  • Bloomin' awkward trying to make a decision when you can't see and try on!

    I have a North Face women's enduro pack which fits great and is mega comfy but it doesn't have enough easily accessible pockets and pouches on the front straps. Ditto a Salomon XA20 which is a bit too spacious really but can be cinched in with straps so nothing bounces about when it's only 1/4 full.

    I've tried an UltrAspire surge and also a Nathan Intensity and both felt brilliant. Even though I've got really broad shoulders for a female I don't find any of the guys ones a good fit and would always pick a female specific one as they do fit much better.

  • I don't suppose anybody has any more recent recommendations for ladies backpacks? Or if any one who had recently bought one of the  ones listed above have road tested them now?  I'm not at ultra level by any stretch of the imagination (and not a 'petite' size either!)  but at the stage where a backpack is needed and there seems to be so much choice and no way of knowing which might fit best. 

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭

    Decathlon, I just got one, used it at North Downs, seemed fine once I got used to the sloshing noise, and v cheap compared to Salomon kit


  • I now have a Nathan Vaporshape with a 2L bladder which is great but a bit bulky - gives me a very sweaty back! Also have an Ultimate Direction AK2.0 which I love - have to go back on my previous statement as it's not a women's one but it fits me brilliantly. It came with front bottles but I didn't like them so I binned them and use it with a bladder, which leaves the front bottle pockets free for food and gloves/buff etc. It's very small and light and cool for summer running.

    The UD Jenny vest is a popular women's one. Also Nathan, Salomon, Raidlight, Inov8, all do great packs. Can't say what will fit you best though, really do have to just try them out. Borrow from friends if you can, save expensive purchases that aren't suitable... 

  • Oh excellent! Thankyou both very much image I'll have a good browse through those and get ordering image


  • Ooh yeah, I forgot about the Decathlon ones - dead cheap compared with the fancy brand names and I know several people who use them and really rate them. They have a lot of chest support which seems to suit the bigger boobed female runners quite well... image

  • hee hee - well 2 votes and chest support, that sounds perfect!  Ordering it now - brilliant thank you image

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