Endurance Phase - Building Up Milage

Ive been looking at several cross country training programmes recently and they have all been divided into 4 - 6 phases. One of these phases is the endurance phase - basically summer training. It suggests to build up milage again after the track season and start to build a base again for the upcoming season.

All the programs dont go into much more depth than this, and Im not really sure where to start. If anyone could go into more detail than this or link me to anything it would be great.

BTW most of my races are 5k. PB is 17.00.



  • anyone?



  • Hi Luke, don't do Cross Country sorry but just coming to the end of 12 weeks of HADD base training before my Marathon Training starts next week. Basically mainly easy running to HR - works for me image

  • thanks, feel free to make more input everyone!

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