Help for a new runner please.

Well 2/1/13 saw me prepare for the Manchester 10k, literally from the couch, I couldnt run for 1 minute continuously, i promise you.

Tonight I have run my first 10km in 66 mins and 35 seconds and the c25k and 10k programmes are complete.

I know it isnt the fastest time in the world but at the age of 43 and losing 2st i am really happy.

But what now, i have just over 3 weeks until the race on the 26th May.

Can you please recommend what i should do up to the race please to keep my training going ready for the big day.

I am a total novice at this, so help would really be appreciated.


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Look at the 10/12 week program on the net for 10k then do the last three weeks of the one you fancy ? image

  • John, well done for your progress thus far image Newbie here too and your 10k time is about a minute faster than me (slim/lean 53 yr old). 

    From what I have read you really only have one week to go that can show improvement in your race, do what booktrunk suggests and be sure to follow the tapers they use.

    Good luck for the race and let us know how things goimage Am not a betting man (honest) but would wager you'll slip in a sub 60 minute 10k time.

  • Do 10k 3 times a week. Don't worry about speed, you'll naturally get faster by getting more time on your feet.

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