PB or not PB that is my question



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    Johnny, I've done three and am quite satisfied with that. I'm happy to set up a Three Marathon Club and make us the only members...

    I AM, however, only 22 away from 200 parkruns. I find it easy to get up in the morning for those.

    What's the idea behind this dedicated routine parkrun business? Hundreds!  Why?

    Why not?  If you're going to go for a run saturday morning anyway, including a local parkrun as part of a longer run is better than just doing the miles on my own, plus as someone who doesn't get to club sessions too often it's a chance to catch up with running mates.  Or I'll take junior along - he was desperate to get to 50 before he was 10, now he wants to reach 100 by the end of the year.  I'd rather he was addicted to that than xbox.  There are lots of kids running our local one every week, it's great to see.

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    @exiled claret

    Great. I've sussed it now.
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