Talkback: TRX for runners

That does make the TRX more appealing now as a runner, might print off this page and give them a go.



  • most exercises on the trx will be good for a runner, you can engage your core on a lot of the exercises,

  • I have been doing TRX for a couple of months as recommended by my physio - is great for core work, have had no injuries and has improved my 10k times.


  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭

    I have been thinking of buying a TRX as it is very easy to store and carry almost everywhere. It is just the price that puts me off... I am quite frankly not sure if the kit is worth about £200...

  • Useful, but doesn't mention how many sets/reps of each should be performed?!

  • I reckon you could make a set from two old car seat belts, a carabiner and something for the handles/footrests, and strap it to a tree!

  • Trx exercise are good for running,but beware they are hard going but enjoyable

  • Same excerises as the balance ball,hits getting a theme. New pricey kit to do thing we can all do without the pricey kit! 

  • ah! you have to but kit of course! image

  • The Rip 60 is pretty much the same - exept much much cheaper - had for months now and use it all the time.

  • LOL!!!image  Great idea

  • another suspension set, £32.49 delivered. Much better starting point that TRX  @ close to £200

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