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Hi all back in January I decided like most people in the new year it was time to shed some pounds.  I kicked all the bad foods and beer into touch and began mild jogs again approximately 2 Miles per day.  Since then and nearly 4 months later and nearly 3 stone lighter I'm training for the great north run.  

i was just wondering on general training advice example how many miles per run and how often per week I should be going, are shorter quicker runs better than several longer runs or is it best to have a variety in the training...






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    Hi Jon,

    Well done on the start you have made!

    I am learning all the time with my running and been going 2/3 years. There are lots of very good runners on here with far more credible views than me who might be able to help more. I think the gnr is about 18 weeks away so you have plenty of time on that. Most programmes are about 12 weeks so how you train depends on whether you just want to do it or do it in a particular time. 

    There are plenty of half marathon plans to be found on the net, on this site and try Mcmillan running. Have a look at the link below just as a basic idea of what they involve. Running is very much about mixing it up. Simply going out and plodding around the same 7 mile route 3 times a week will progress you as a beginner to getting better at that but you will progress quicker if you vary it.

    Have a look at the plan below and spend some time if you can scrolling through the more established forums on here. How often, far and fast you go really depends on your competance. Doing too much too quickly will lead to injury.


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    Hi thank you... well tonight I just kept going on my run ended up doing 12.6 miles in a time of 44 that's in Blackpool so quiet flat,,, felt good throughout the route but aching a bit now on the knees 

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    thats good work, sounds like you are nearly there already!!


    when i started running i used to get all sorts of aches and pains in groin, knee, ankles etc. Your body takes a while to adapt to the new pressures it is being exposed to.

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