Leicester's Big 10K 2013


 This is my first race so I'm really excited.  I ran the London Marathon in 2010 but that's it.  I've been told by a few running friends that these short distance races are quite fun...

 Let me know what to expect and whether you'll be running too?


  • I did this race last year. 

    It is a fast flat course, but there are a lot of sharp turns. 

    Last year I managed to fit it in before my shift at Sweatshop. 

  • Nice event.

    Well organised, decent enough course with just a handful of inclines, cheerful marshals, and a near perfect bright but cool morning with just a slightly annoying breeze, and perhaps a little bit narrow down by the canal with some vegetation encroaching on to the path!

    Two minute plus PB for me. image

  • Hope you enjoyed your first 10k, Rishi. 

    Well done on your time Bob. Agree with all of your comments - a very friendly race and well marshalled. 

    One day I'll get the hang of drinking from plastic cups. One day ....

  • Well done Bob!  That is good running indeed.  Couldn't agree more - nice course, runners, marshals, conditions and just great atmosphere.


    Really enjoyed it thanks elgm!  Haha I'm glad the marshal only gave me half a cup!  I don't tend to drink during running but it helped.


    I was hoping for a time of 50mins, but would have been happy with 52.  Managed to do 48mins!  So happy!

    Leicester Marathon guys?

  • Martin HMartin H ✭✭✭

    Well done guys.  A 2 min PB for me too here. 

    A bit too twisty for keeping a real fast pace going and the steps were annoying but apart from that the flatist course in Leicester and well marshalled and organised.

    I'd certainly do it again.

    Leics half for me in October I think.  The full gets lonely out in the sticks!!!

  • Nice one Martin.


    Haha the steps scared me a little too!  I wonder if they'll change the course next year


    I want to do another Marathon badly, but I think you're right about that with the Leics one.  The atmosphere in the London Marathon just can't be rivalled.  I'm tempted to do the Half marathon - want to raise funds for a cancer charity.

  • First time I had run this course and loved it. Not my best time unfortunately as I am sometimes plagued with migraines when running and this happened yesterday but this wonderful marshall gave me his own drink and it helped me to finish. That guy deserved a medal.

  • Very friendly event over a lovely course. Could have done with a few more pairs of hands at the water station I thought. Will definitely do it again next year.

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