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Quick question, i'm trying to get myself fit enough to hopefully run in Race For Life later this year, i'm new to running and need a nice new pair of trainers.

Thing is i don't know bugger all about them lol, i've looked up some things but would like to know your opinions. I'm trying to do this on a budget as i don't have much spare cash.

My favourite so far and cheapest i could find them are..

Salomon XR CrossMax Neutral Trail Running Shoes - £73

Nike Lunarglide+ 4 Sn31 - £68

Nike Lunar Forever 2 Sn32 - £52.99

Nike Lunar Forever Sn24 - £46.99

My favourite pair being the Salomon's but very pricey for me @73 quid. They would mainly be for road/trail jogging/running and i'm around 180lbs i think, 6ft tall, medium arch, size 11.

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  • When you say these are your "favourite" what are you basing this on?  The colour?  The technical blurb?  You've tried them on and they felt nice?  I'm curious because I've seen a few posts like this "I've narrowed it down to..." and I always wonder about the process of choosing and at what stage people ask for advice.

  • I would definitely recommned going to a specialist running shop for advice. The wrong shoes can exacerbate injuries and could be a complete waste of money so especially when you are on a budget you should avoid expensive mistakes.

    Good luck with the race for life. 

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    Going to a specialist shop when you have some time is the best way to find out which trainers would suit your running style, but if you cannot do that.

    Runners World has an article on at least doing a test to try and help decide if you over pronate or not, which will at least help narrow down what trainers might be the most suitable.

  • Hi Mad4morris, Barbara Dunsire 2, booktrunk image

    Thanks for the advice, i was just basing my "favourite" on the technical blurb and the look, as well as some "Top 10 Running Shoes" lists! I'll try find a specialist store near me, though not too sure i'll find one.Going to do the Wet Test today lol, think i'm classed as "normal foot" but i'll check anyway.
    Thanks for all your input guys image

  • I'm a newbie as well and had never ran before until 4 weeks ago. I started getting sore ankles and knees and didn't really want to listen to the " have a specialsit gait analysis" speech. BUT I went for one two weeks ago and haven't looked back. I was upfront and told then I didn't want to spend a fortune and came out with a pair of shoes witin my budget which have made a messive difference to my running. Would definately recommend it

    Training now for a half marathon in March!!!

  • Going for the gait analysis is a definite help. I had mine done when I started running last year. On their say so, I bought some New Balance 940's as I have pronation issues. Never looked back since. Five half marathons later, and I'm seven weeks from my first marathon. You don't need to spend loads but it's worth getting it done

  • I'd only base it on one's I'd tried on and run in on a treadmill (at least) - the blurb is all marketing and even the most popular shoe may not fit your individual feet.  Sizes also vary massively between manufacturer.

    Later on if you want to risk it and have money to burn you can try it based on hype from the web (You'll win some and lose some) - but at the start it is probably more important to find the right shoes for you.

    I'd not even listen to other's advice on here as they haven't got your feet.

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