Im getting worried

Hi peeps


Im gettign worried as my first triathlon is just over a week away and i still havent managed to swim the full 400m in one hit.

Trouble being its an open water swim so i will have no where to rest in the middle of a lake. argghhhh


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    If you want a rest, you tread water for a bit.  Resting doesn't mean you have to put your feet on the floor or hold on to the side.  You'll float, you won't sink without trace.  You can breast stroke if you are struggling with front crawl.  Also, race day adrenaline will do more for you than you think.

    Try to relax, you do this for fun.

  • Firstly remember you're doing this for fun - so focus on enjoying it! Open water swimming is brilliant and I'm always surprised at how easily I cover the distance compared to going up and down lanes at the pool.

    Secondly there are always boats around - you can roll onto your back and put your arm in the air for assistance. Also if you're near the back often the kayaks seem to roll along near you to keep an eye. So you won't be alone! 

    Finally: race day adrenaline will give you a real boost image

    What race is it? And good luck! Let us know how you get on x

  • Its the cotswold sprit on May 12th


    thanks guys, im sure ill be fine just dont want a DNF becuase of drowning lol

  • Don't worry Brizzle I'll be there for you.... If you need to stop and tread water for a bit do so. There will be a lot of support in the water. Have u had a practice in OW?

  • What is it that's stopping you swimming the distance? Would it help to slow down right from the start and just take it easy?

    As others have said - wetsuits are buoyant and it's quite easy to take a rest. You can turn on to your back and gently scull for a few minutes. If you put your hand up you are signalling that you need assistance - so take a break and think about it for a minute and decide whether you just need a rest or help. Sure you'll be fine on the day - it's difficult to drown in a wetsuit image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I just find swimming a different kind of cardio than running and cycling. Wont have an issue with either of thoses 2 aspects (running 10K this weekend)For some reason i get out a breathe after about 200m freestyle.

    Yes ive had 3 OW swims so far with 2 more planned before the 12th. Im having issues with my wetsuit at them, feels as if its too tigh around my chest but been assured that its my fault as not putting on it on so going to try and spend a good 30 minutes on weekend putting on and pulling it up in places before i get into the water so hopefully that will help.

    I think i could swim close to the 400m in OW if i got my suit to fit better as tghe only reason i have been stopping is to adjust the suit alittle around the neck/chest area druing the swim

  • It does sound like you're going too fast. I've never done a tri but regularly swim 1km in the pool, and it's very easy to knacker yourself doing crawl. Just slow it down.

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    Bristolsparks wrote (see)

    Its the cotswold sprit on May 12th


    thanks guys, im sure ill be fine just dont want a DNF becuase of drowning lol

    I did that event about 4 years ago - the water was frigging freezing!  hope it's a bit warmer for you......image

    with the wetsuit, make sure it's pulled up as far as possible into the crutch so that it gives you more leeway to adjust it around the torso so it fits better

  • Shame it's on 12th, otherwise I would have come along and given you some morale support.


  • yes make sure the wetsuiot is fully first OW swim I had never swam anywahere near the distance in the pool and had only been twice in a lake for a short swim.....

    But I loved swimming as the adrenaline was with me and I just did 20 strokes crawl..20 strokes breaststroke.......( pretended to be sighting for a long time).......I wasn't last and the following year after practising swimming and doing it all in front crawl i was only a minute faster over 1.9k

    it will be over before you know it and you will be wanting to get back inimage

  • DNF due to drowning is very Piratey though...image

    Good luck, take it easy, stop if you have to, take stock if you have to, it's supposed to be fun so stay out of the way of the elite nutters and just cruise round!

    Race report awaited!

  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    My first tri had a 1500m OW swim. I had only done 10 swim sessions before and could bearly do 200m FC in the pool. But, on race day with a wetsuit on, i did the whole distance FC without stopping. Wetsuit give extra boyancy, reduces drag, lifts legs to improve body position meaning you can use your legs less. One small thing since that made a real difference, is to relax your hands (don`t clinch fingers together to make a paddle). Holds the same amount of water and takes the tension out of arms etc.  

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