Runner's World in UFO conspiracy....?


Well it was blue and yellow and fast-moving! image


  • I was thinking Forumites rather than RW Towers KK - I'm sure it looks like Miss Havisham's dining room there image

  • that happened 250 yards from my house! coincidence? i dont think so.

  • Aha - proof! image

  • they found out that i cancelled my subscription!!

    *puts on tinfoil helmet*

  • Love the fact they had to add a picture of a Plane on the off chance you did not know what it looked like image...or is that the UFO ....image

  • The funny thing is is doesn't even look good enough to be a stock photo, it's like the person who took it just stuck their iPhone out of the window.

    You don't want to be under the *rse end of a plane coming into land though, you could get a stowaway land on you! image

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