4 half marathons in 7 weekends

Morning all,

Having run the Ldn marathon last year, and Paris this year, my aim for the autum season is to get my half time down to 1.45 from 1.55. To do this I have entered 4 half marathons (starting late Aug) in seven weekends, with a weekend off between each event.

I have got my training plan sorted for the run up to the first event, but what should I do between them? At the moment I am running 50-60km a week but guessing I should lower that a bit?


  • Your mileage is fine unless you feel overtired.

    Basically, I would pick 2 of your races that are most PBable and focus on them. The other races will just be quality training, maybe hitting goal pace for a chunk of the race, finishing fast or even adding a bit on the end, possibly.

    Which races are you doing?

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