Go Dad Run - 5k Charity race - Colin Jackson CBE

Hello there - have you heard of this - sounds amazing what an idea a Race for Life for Men!!!!!  Well done Anglesey a 1st again.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Anglesey MArathon.  Great you at Menter Mon are involved in running again!! - lets get runners to register with my partner and child - www.godadrun.co.uk you can win a prize if you enter now!!!!


  • I was at the launch party for Go Dad Run!!

    Was a lot of fun, Mark Foster, Jamie Baulch and of course Colin Jackson were all there.  They are going to be at the event on fathers day - can't wait!

  • Good afternoon, tell me is this the event that involves the yellow underpants?

    If that`s the case, I`ll be signing up for this, because it`s raising money towards Prostate Cancer  !

  • Hi Boniver

    So you will be running?  I heard that they are giving us all yellow underpants - Y fronts?  What fun - can we wear them any way - does anybody know?

  • Hi Vagabond I have heard the same thing - I have just seen some amazing photos on Go Dad Run facebook!!  I also know that Anglesey is a fantastic venue and they really do look after you well!!

  • too far away from me to consider for a 5k, but if they do them all over like R4L do then i'd consider doing one.

  • O what a shame - where do you live? how about staying over I know a lot of places where you can stay comfortable and cheap - try llys-llewelyn.com for one I know the owner

  • Calling Captain Fat belly, How are you are you still around and running? 

  • Its more because I'd have to take time off work (I work weekends) and travel and stay over, that's a lot for just a 5k, 

  • yes but what a great cause though, I wonder how we can get people talking about this

  • Hello Nick - don't nkow about you but the men in my family have been affected by prostate cancer and I think this is a great initiative.  Several members of my family have entered  and I will myself be running/walking in the Bee y's race.  Were you thinking of entering?

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    It's a bit of a long way to travel for 20 mins of running I'm afraid.
  • Agree with Millsy locals only for a 5K

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